Is it a mumbo-jumbo abra-ca-dabra magic or really a miracle that enables any Yoga-practitioner to rise up in the air?

No, the Levitation exhibited by the Yoga-practitioner is purely a BioElectroMagnetic (BEM) scientific phenomenon based on the principle of the upward thrusting booster force (UTBF)!
The BioElectroMagnetic (BEM) scientific phenomenon of the Maanava Levitation has so far not been completely understood and explained.

Many Yoga-practitioners have amazed the people the world over through many past centuries by lifting themselves up above the ground in the air while sitting in the Yoga-posture and performing a performing a Praannaayaama! This phenomenon is known as the Levitation.

It has to be mentioned here that the Levitation can be achieved through other means such as the Buddhist Meditation techniques, also!

Of course, most Yoga-practitioners can’t perform this amazing act. Only a handful of the Yoga-practitioners have been able to perform this mind-boggling act.
Why are some of the Yoga-practitioners able to accomplish the wonderful phenomenon of rising up in the air while most of their fellow Yoga-practitioners aren’t?

Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s theory and explanation

First of all, let us enlighten ourselves with the basic Yoga-knowledge about the quality of the Praannaayaamas achieved by any Yoga-practitioner. Quality wise, this falls into three following categories:

(1)       The Low (Nimna)

(2)     The Medium (Madhyma)

(3)     The High (Uttama)

(1)  The Low (Nimna)

(1) When the Yoga-practitioner starts perspiring while performing any Praannaayaama then the Yoga-practitioner is said to have achieved the Low (Nimna) quality Praannaayaama.
(2) The perspiration indicates that the inhaled breath consisting of the breathing air (mostly Nitrogen and Oxygen) has heated up the body of the Yoga-practitioner. The heat produced has caused some of the water (H2O) present in the body to vaporise and come on to the surface of the skin through skin-pores. This water on the surface of the skin is termed the Sweat.

(3) The sweating helps in the cooling down of the heated body. The Yoga-practitioner starts feeling thirsty due to the reduced amount of the water in the body the 90% of which is made up the water only.

(4) This quality indicates the loss of a tremendous amount of the water from the body.

2. The Medium (Madhyma)

(1) When the Yoga-practitioner experiences the  shaking movement along the spinal cord upwards to the skull while performing any Praannaayaama then the Yoga-practitioner is said to have achieved the Medium (Madhyma) quality Praannaayaama.
(2) This shaking along the spinal cord happens because of the electric current that travels from the bottom of the spinal cord to the top of the skull from where it ultimately disperses and merges into the air around.

(3) It is well-known that the Hydroelectricity can be
generated from the water. The Praannaayaama creates a situation wherein the breathing air inhaled induces some of the water molecules present in the body to break up and generate the electricity which then travels up the spinal cord.

(4) The Medium (Madhyma) Praannaayaama is more efficient than the Low (Nimna) Praannaayaama. It doesn’t heat up the body. Hence, no sweat results. Therefore, comparatively, no heavy loss of the water from the body takes place.

(5) It is well established that the pure water isn’t a conductor of the electricity. Therefore, it can’t produce the electricity either. The Praannaayaama helps break up the water into the Hydrogen and the Oxygen. The Oxygen is then used up in the Spinal-electricity generation.

(6) Mainly the brain along with other body-parts suffers a deficiency of the Oxygen due to the consumption of some of the Oxygen atoms present in the water of the body during the production of the spinal-electricity.

So, the spinal-electricity indicates the need for the Yoga-practitioner to drink some amount of the water after having performed the Yoga so as to replenish the Oxygen that was depleted earlier in the generation of the spinal-electricity.

(7) The spinal-electricity moves the brain out of the realm of the laziness to the state of the alertness. The Yoga-practitioner becomes alert and feels fresh immediately after having experienced the flow of the spinal-electricity into the skull. The body, its organs and cells start vibrating at a frequency higher than the earlier one.

(3) The High (Uttama)

(1) When the Yoga-practitioner experiences the lifting up above the ground in the air while sitting in the Yoga-posture and performing a Praannaayaama then the Yoga-practitioner is said to have achieved the High (Uttama) quality Praannaayaama.

(2) The High (Uttama) quality Praannaayaama is more efficient than both the Low (Nimna) Praannaayaama and the Medium (Madhyma) Praannaayaama in utilising the water amount present in the maanava body. It doesn’t waste the body-water either as the Sweat or the Spinal-electricity.

It harnesses the water perfectly to generate the upward booster force to levitate the body of the Yoga-practitioner upward smoothly. The greater the BioElectroMagnetic (BEM) booster force the higher up the Yoga-practitioner can levitate to.
(3) We blow the breath into a balloon, tie a knot and leave it in the air. The balloon starts rising up in the air and flying. It happens since the balloon is lighter than the surrounding air.

(4) A satellite isn’t light like a balloon. It has a certain significant weight and comparatively heavier. It has a booster rocket, usually a multiple three-stage booster rocket that propels the satellite upwards to help the satellite finally break free of the Centripetal (CP) force and the gravitational pull (9.807 m/s2) of the Earth.

The force of detachment is called the Centrifugal (CF) force. When the Centridifference/Booster difference force (CD/BD) of an object is more than the CP force of the Earth then the object breaks free of the gravitational
pull of the Earth and gets out of its attractive pull.

In other words, CD/BD = CF-CP.

(5) The CD/BD is directly proportional to the CF and inversely to the CP.

(6) The body of the Yoga-practitioner doesn’t follow the balloon rising phenomenon when levitating. It follows more the phenomenon of the satellite.

The body doesn’t become lighter. It still retains the same weight. For example, the hands and other limbs are still of the same mass and the weight. Yet, paradoxically, the Yoga-practitioner gets the feeling of having become lighter since the body has levitated to certain height from the ground!
The feeling of having become lighter is induced and relayed by the sensory fibres to the brain after their having received the sensory messages from different body parts that the upward thrust or boost has taken place.
The upward boosting happens inside the body unlike the satellite. It isn’t visible to the naked maanava eyes unlike the falling of the boosters in different stages of the ascendance of the satellite.

Different Yoga-practitioners achieve different heights of the Levitation because of the differences in their CD/BD.

The BioElectroMagnetic (BEM) scientific phenomenon based on the principle of the upward thrusting booster force (UTBF) has great implications for us the Maanavas.
In the not so distant future, it shall become possible for the Maanavas to levitate and travel to the far distant places on the Earth and the Universe if the UTBF is understood fully and the resultant knowledge applied effectively.

It shall help immensely the space travellers. It can help understand the phenomenon of the weightlessness in the space, especially inside the space-stations orbiting around the Earth.

It shall help the Cosmonauts and the other space travellers to overcome the problems caused by the weightlessness on the space bodies such as the Moon.

Further, it shall make their physical movement easier on planets such as the Mars when the Maanavas in the future land finally on these far-flung planets successfully!

The future BioElectroMagnetic or the BEM scientists shall be able to insert the chips or some other relevant forms of the BioElectroMagnetic gadgets inside the maanava body and on different external body parts such as the spinal cord, the head and the hand, etcetera to regulate the inhaled breath.
The future BEM scientists may even succeed in supplying the breathing air artificially and regulating it to achieve the easy Levitation.

Further research needs to be carried out to understand the amazing and highly useful phenomenon of the BioElectroMagnetic booster force.

~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee
( Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee's Yoga-Secrets-Revealed Series - 14)
fotos: Courtesy Google


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