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Indians must not indulge in war mongering pursuant to the successful Surgical Strikes by the Indian Para Commandos on the militants' launch pads inside the Pakistan territory.
It is a self-delusional myth that the Pakistani Army shall be deterred from attacking India, directly or indirectly if Indian Army does a few sharp-focused Surgical Strikes. Also, it again is a self-delusional myth that there is no danger of a nuclear warfare in the event of a full-fledged Indo-Pak War.
In a hurry, many jingoistic and ill-informed commentators have declared the above mentioned two myths to be true in the light of the Pakistani government's desperate attempt to descalate tension with India and save its face by denying the occurrence of the recent Indian Army strikes at 7 places inside its borders in retaliation against killing of 18 Indian soldiers in September, 2016 by militants in Uri.
Let us examine these two self-perpetuating myths one by one.
After the Kargil defeat in 1999 at the hand…