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Skilled India - Skill India or Skilled India - Successful India ?

कुशल भारत - सफल भारत! Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee had submitted the following slogans to the government of India. See the following screen shot:

The government of India approved the slogan "कुशल भारत -  सफल भारत!" forsubmission. See the following screen shot:

"कुशल" means "Skilled" and "सफल" means "successful"! So, the meaning of the phrase "कुशल भारत - सफल भारत" means "Skilled India Successful India".
Obviously, India shall be successful in all endeavours if India becomes skilled. Without becoming skilled, India can not hope to be always successful!
The slogan being used currently by the government of India is  "कुशल भारत कौशल भारत!" "कौशल" means "Skill". So, this slogan means "Skilled India Skill India" which clearly is illogical & not even poetical! A Skilled Person naturally has a Skill. Alternatively, the one who has a Skill can be called a Skilled Person. The slogan does…