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What is the Yoga? Simply put, the word 'Yoga' in the Sanskrit language means 'The Union' in its noun form. The union of what and between whom? It means the complete union of the subject with the object wherein the subject itself becomes one with the object and ultimately Transforms into the object itself...!
Thus, the perceiver becomes the perceived, the conceiver becomes the conceived, the receiver becomes the received, the drop becomes the ocean...!

Spirituallyspeaking, the Yoga means the individual soul attaining oneness with the Ultimate Reality variously called the Poornn Brhma, Parama Purusha, Parama Tattava or the Supreme Consciousness...!Materialisticallyspeaking,the Yoga means becoming one with the object or the goal. It means attaining the perfection in the given field of one's own choice. Let us examine a few such examples from the realm of the Materialistic Yoga.
Let us talk about theLove Yoga. A love Yogeenee or the Yogee can be defined as a person who ha…