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"Any type of Yoga is safe to do so long as such yoga exercise/practice doesn't result into any harm to embryo/foetus...! Any yoga exercise/practice that leads to any kind of harmful physical pressure on embryo/foetus/womb must be avoided fully...!
Almost all Yogasanas/Praannayaams are likely to cause some kind of harmful physical pressure on embryo/foetus/womb despite all precautions taken by the pregnant Yogeenee or mother...So, rigorous Yogasanas/Praannayaams of all kinds must be avoided fully...!
Instead, this time of pregnancy must be devoted by the pregnant mother to remaining in a blissful state of mentally, emotionally, sentimentally and physically relaxed state of one's own being; reading Sattvic Spiritual literature by the pregnant mother so as to create Sattvic Sanskaras on the child in the embryo/foetus/womb! The holy Mantras/hymns can be chanted in a normal comfortable way by the pregnant mother mentally or through lips by tuning/syncing the chanting with the br…