What is the Yoga? Simply put, the word 'Yoga' in the Sanskrit language means 'The Union' in its noun form. The union of what and between whom? It means the complete union of the subject with the object wherein the subject itself becomes one with the object and ultimately Transforms into the object itself...!
Thus, the perceiver becomes the perceived, the conceiver becomes the conceived, the receiver becomes the received, the drop becomes the ocean...!

Spiritually speaking, the Yoga means the individual soul attaining oneness with the Ultimate Reality variously called the Poornn Brhma, Parama Purusha, Parama Tattava or the Supreme Consciousness...! Materialistically speaking, the Yoga means becoming one with the object or the goal. It means attaining the perfection in the given field of one's own choice. Let us examine a few such examples from the realm of the Materialistic Yoga.
Let us talk about the Love Yoga.
A love Yogeenee or the Yogee can be defined as a person who has become one with the attribute of the Love, who has submerged oneself in this object of Love so deeply that there is no duality now between the Love Yoga practitioner and the Love. So much so that the Love Yoga practitioner has become the Love itself. Now the Love Yoga practitioner doesn't exist. Only the Love exists. Such a person shall naturally spread the fragrance of only the Love all around...!
The true practitioner of the Love Yoga shall eschew even any thought of violence, not to speak of committing any act of violence...! Such a fully realized practitioner shall help create peace all around which ultimately shall bring in sustainable joy and prosperity all around whether it is one's home or the office...!
A Yoga practitioner practising the true Teaching Yoga shall become the abundant unending reservoir of knowledge her/his own self and thereby impart outstanding quality knowledge to the students. A politician practising the true Political Yoga shall indeed find her/his own self turn into the object called the Politics. The dichotomy between the politician and the politics shall cease to exist. Such Yoga-trained politicians shall become the true Statespersons who shall definitely provide the best sustainable peaceful governance and cause a permanent end to all the bloody conflicts, skirmishes, battles and wars by resolving all political problems with a peaceful heart and mind. Not only this, they shall be able to find solution to even the vexing problems of sustainable development such as the food shortage, energy crisis, pollution, etc...! The next question then is: how is the Yoga accomplished?

Whether it's the spiritual or the materialistic realm, the blissful state of the Yoga can be achieved through various means such as the Correct Breathing Exercises [Prannayaamasa], Physical Postures [Aasanaasa], Meditation, Kundalini Awakening, Chakra Awakening, etc.

Patanjali's wonderful phenomenal treatise on the Ashtanga Yoga describing his unique Yoga-Sutras or Yoga-Formulae is a great help to the prospective Yoga practitioners. It describes the 'Asht' [eight] 'Angas' [parts or steps] that help the yoga practitioner to reach gradually the goal of the practitioner's soul's submergence in the Supreme Consciousness so as to attain for the individual soul the spiritual liberation from the vicious cycle of the births and deaths.
We talk about various duties or the Dharamas in our life as a maanava or human being. We have a tendency to codify these duties and institutionalise them as an institution. These institutions become rigid with time and come to be known as the Dharamas themselves, excluding those not following their way of discharging our duties as human beings.
Therefore, we witness a plethora of institutionalised Dharamas also called the Religions such as the Christianity, the Islam, the Buddhism, the Hinduism, etc.
It is however to be added here that the Supreme Court of India defines the Hinduism as a way of life and not a religion in the traditional sense...!
Then, we also talk about the non-institutionalised Dharamas such as the Ahinsaa [non-violence], Shaanti [Peace], Sevaa [Service]. So, one talks about the Ahinsaa Paramo Dharama [the non-violence is the best duty], Shaanti Paramo Dharama [the Peace is the best duty] and Sevaa Paramo Dharama [the Service is the best duty].
The word 'Paramo' means the 'Best'.
Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee as a staunch practitioner of the Yoga firmly believes in these three aforesaid jewels or the Dharamas that are an inherent integral part of the Yoga...!
In this mind boggling maze of religions, one wonders which is the best religion or the Dharama?
The spiritual Yoga is the highest or the best of all the Dharamas in the sense of the duty in this human world. In other words, we may say the
Yoga is the Paramo Dharama...! In other words, the Yoga is the Best Duty towards one's own heart, mind, body and soul for any individual to perform in this world ...!The actual reality is that the Yoga as such isn't any religion in the traditional sense of what we mean by the term Religion such as the Christianity, Islam, etc...! It is not confined to any of these aforesaid traditional institutionalised religions. It is an all pervasive Universal spiritual phenomenon embracing each maanava...!


The true practitioner of the spiritual Yoga tries to become or has already become one with the Absolute or the Supreme Consciousness. As such, such a Yoga practitioner sees one's own self as the eternal divine light present in every being around in the creation. Serving others selflessly then becomes the service of the own individual self, non-violence towards others then transforms into non-violence towards one's own individual self, peace with everyone then turns into the peace for one's own individual self.
The spiritual Yoga includes in its ambit the qualities or duties of non-violence, selfless service, peace. It includes all that is positive and best in the traditional institutionalised religions minus their negatives. It embraces everyone - the believers and non-believers, faithful and Atheist, females and males...!
The spiritual Yoga tones up the individual maanava's four vital components - heart, mind, body and soul - in tune with the Supreme Consciousness, the Supreme Reality.
The world shall become an entirely peaceful place for maanavas to live in, devoid of any internecine violence, conflicts or the wars the day these four components in all or most maanavas are in complete sync with each other and the Supreme Consciousness
It is especially in this context that the designation of the 21st June as the International Yoga Day by the United Nations Organisation has assumed the far reaching significance.
It's hoped the Yoga shall lift billions of the impoverished humans out of the economic and spiritual poverty by ensuring the best health for everyone that shall definitely result into savings of trillions of Dollars that otherwise get eaten up by the medical care bills.Let us hope earnestly that The International Yoga Day celebration goes a long way in creating and perpetuating that elusive object called the Eternal Peace on the planet Earth...!

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~Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee ( )
[The blogger is an internationally renowned well-known Spiritual & Yoga Master, versatile spiritual and political thinker besides being an internationally celebrated author of several well-received books including the Best Book Of The 21stCentury “The Vasudhiotic World Government and The Great Indian Dream of The Paramatantrataa”]


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