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…True bliss in blissful thoughts, blissful words, blissful actions may be offered to others by your blissful self blissfully only after you yourself blissfully have received the blissful bliss. Real blissful bliss comes only from deep within your own blissful soul’s blissful eternal fountains of eternal bliss…!

True bliss has no restrictions. True bliss is free flowing. True bliss knows no bounds. True bliss comes effortlessly, painless, easily, blissfully.
Varied blissful people have blissfully varied blissful opinions. View these multiple blissful opinions with complete blissful detachment. Nobody can demean your blissful self. No mortal has powers to downgrade your blissful nature.
Rejoice in bliss being experienced by blissful others. Other blissful ones are only a blissful natural cumulative extension of your own blissful self or Ahm…! And your own blissful self is blissful Brahma or blissful ‘Ain al Haque’…!
No one else blissful can fathom blissful depth of true bli…