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The Elusive Peace - Gita Shows It to You

We see restlessness all around. Everyone seems to be trying frantically to make the most of one’s life. How to get that elusive peace that seems to have been eluding all of us?
The businessperson is spending sleepless nights trying to earn more wealth and save income tax. The politician is overworking 48 hours out of 24 hours daily to get or retain the political power at all costs. The bureaucrat is leaving no corner unturned to ensure continuous rapid career progression.

The staff in the office is busy investing tremendous time, effort and energy in trying to always remain in the excellent books of the boss.

The housewife is busy all day long figuring out how best to handle her husband and her acrimonious mother-in-law besides managing the household expenditure within the limited budget. So is the mother-in-law who is using up all her time to tame her that seemingly untamable daughter-in-law.

The wife is scratching her head all the time lamenting about her errant husband.…