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Are you being consumed incessantly by your own web of hatred? Hatred assumes numerous sinister forms. Most of the times and in most cases more often than not, it’s directed at others rather than at one’s own self.
Why does one feel hatred? Reasons vary. When someone has done something that you dislike then you start hating that person or creature. For example, once having been bitten by a dog you develop lifelong hatred for all canines. After your worst nightmare or dayhorse in trying to procure a birth certificate, ration card or some such other public utility documents in terms of you having been forced to pay a bribe to the concerned government official or inordinate delay in issuance of the same to you, you may start hating each and every government servant.
You may come to have a nauseating feeling for your boss after learning that your colleagues have been given ‘Excellent’ rating and you a mere ‘Good’ in your annual confidential reports and yearly promotional appraisals by your …