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The Materialization – The Basic Principle?

The Introduction

You will surely be surprised pleasantly if a person materializes any object from out of the nothing. For example, you get lost in a deep forest in the Himalayas. You are feeling hungry with no food around. Suddenly, an old man appears before you from nowhere, tells you that you are hungry, then produces a plate full of the hot delicious hamburgers from the air and gives it to you for eating…!

The Question

How does this kind of the materialization referred to above happen?

The Analysis

To be able to materialize anything in this world, the Saadhaka usually gets the materialization-mastery through any of the following four ways:

[1] The Saadhaka must have done some praeta-saadhanaa [ghost-worship] whereby the Saadhaka is able to call the soul of a dead person and make this soul bring the desired things from anywhere in this world. In India, this type of the Saadhaka is called the Shaevaddaa.

Generally, this art is mastered purely to eke out a living. For example, In India, it’s…

Do Respect The Rights Of Other Creatures...!

"Respect the lives of animals, birds and other creatures....They have been created by the same creativity that has created you and me, also....Just imagine what would happen if all these creatures were to throw us humans far away from the Earth somewhere into remotest corner of the Universe...!"
` J G M J V S A J