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What to do with Perspiration in Yoga?

Do you really not perspire at all when you do the Aaasanas and Praannaayaama, the two essential parts of the yoga? As any regular practitioner of the Aaasanas and Praannaayaama shall tell you, you do perspire while performing the yoga. You have to prepare your physical body for Aasanas by warming it up which is usually done by rubbing your both palms all over your body for a few minutes, generally 5-10 minutes. This act warms up your body.
The warming act makes the whole body a little bit flexible. It removes the rigidity and stiffness from your body parts. You are able to move your body parts during the Aasanas with relative ease without feeling any relative stiffness, rigidity and strain.
Performing the sequence of Aasanas without warming up may cause strain and damage to your body parts.
While doing the Aasanas, sweat does get generated.
The Yoga-texts have classified three types of Praannaayaamas
(1) Inferior – Sweat is generated
(2) Medium – Spinal cord feels the current goin…