…True bliss in blissful thoughts, blissful words, blissful actions may be offered to others by your blissful self blissfully only after you yourself blissfully have received the blissful bliss. Real blissful bliss comes only from deep within your own blissful soul’s blissful eternal fountains of eternal bliss…!

True bliss has no restrictions. True bliss is free flowing. True bliss knows no bounds. True bliss comes effortlessly, painless, easily, blissfully.

Varied blissful people have blissfully varied blissful opinions. View these multiple blissful opinions with complete blissful detachment. Nobody can demean your blissful self. No mortal has powers to downgrade your blissful nature.

Rejoice in bliss being experienced by blissful others. Other blissful ones are only a blissful natural cumulative extension of your own blissful self or Ahm…! And your own blissful self is blissful Brahma or blissful ‘Ain al Haque’…!

No one else blissful can fathom blissful depth of true bliss being experienced by your own blissful self. No one else blissful can measure blissful length, blissful breadth of blissful bliss being showered on you blissfully by blissful nature. Only your blissful self knows all its blissful dimensions, as it is blissfully your own blissful self who is in your own blissful state of blissful mind, blissful soul, blissful heart…!

Watch blissfully daily unfolding blissful melodrama of blissful life without being blissfully sucked into it. Observe blissfully rhythm of blissful day, blissful night. Marvel blissfully at blissful beauty of blissful springs, blissful summers, blissful autumns, blissful winters.

See blissfully how blissful Moon, blissful Sun, blissful stars, blissful Milky Way are all blissfully full of blissful bliss. Note blissfully blissful notes being struck blissfully by blissfully singing blissful birds. Ponder blissfully over blissful petals opening out from blissful bud, blossoming blissfully into blissful enchanting flower…!

Enjoy blissfully blissful beauty of blissful serene mountains, blissful cool clouds, blissful inviting vales, blissful tempting rolling meadows, blissful humming springs, blissful gyrating rivers, blissful Moonlight-lit serene sand dunes, blissful refreshing oasis, blissful silent sea-beaches, blissful deep blue ocean…!

Look blissfully into blissful eyes of blissful new-born child. Experience blissful bliss by feeding blissfully, clothing blissfully, sheltering blissfully destitute, poor, needy…!

Gaining bliss is blissfully so easy. Offering bliss to others is blissfully so simple. Your blissful self already has blissfully a large blissful kind heart. Just let blissfully your blissful heart do blissful bidding. Just let blissfully your blissful self eschew all your jealousy, anger, hatred, lust, greed, all your negativities for a blissful while.

And blissfully a new whole blissful world shall open up to you. You will blissfully see your true blissful self. You will blissfully shine in your blissful shining positive self. You will blissfully sparkle in your blissful crystal-clear blissful clean sparkling self.

Nothing less blissful. Nothing more blissful. Just blissfully your own blissful omnipotent blissful self. Just blissfully your own omnipresent blissful self. Your blissful self pervading blissfully whole blissful creation.

Blissfully no twos. Blissfully Neither Creator. Blissfully nor Created. Blissfully just one blissful. Absolutely one blissful self. Blissfully everyone in your blissful self. Blissfully your blissful self in everyone.

You’ll blissfully love everyone. You’ll blissfully love your own blissful self. Yet you’ll blissfully love blissfully one blissful self.

And, Lo blissfully! You’ll have blissfully plunged into blissful state of blissful trance. You’ll have blissfully moved into blissful steady state of Samadhi even while blissfully walking around, blissfully talking around...!
~ J G M J V S A J


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