I would like to define ‘the Progression from the UNIPOLAR IMPACT to 'OMNIPOLAR IMPACT JOURNALISM’ as the impact, on the OMNIPOLAR-POINTS, created by an individual or a group of individuals [UNIIPMACTERS] from their Unipolar positions involving no or insignificant direct access to MULTIPOLARIZED-POINTS represented by mainstream local, regional or global mass media…!

How does this impact take place? First, the Unipolar-impact-entity creates an idea/ideas or solution/s that’s/are picked up later on by the Multipolar-point mass media which either elaborates on the same or builds up similar competitive contributions mainly via its news stories and columns in an effort to impact the large readers/subscribers’ base/clientele.

 This amplification act by mass media may result out of purely altruistic motives or out of purely commercial interests in trying to cash in on some sales-increasing idea. In doing so, it may or may not acknowledge the contributions made by the original impact point, that is, the Unipolar impact entity, from which it has driven the inspiration or idea. Many such Multipolar-Impact points spread all over the world together result into impacting each point on the space. 

In short, most people or readers feel an impact of the ideas spread through mainstream media, the ideas which have actually been originated somewhere by some lone individual or a small group of individuals with no or little direct access to mainstream media.

Omnipolar-points refer to the clientele/reader base consisting of each reader/viewer. These readers/viewers are spread everywhere on the globe.

The Unipolar-impact entity usually takes advantage of easily available open source platforms of communication like the social networking sites such as the Blogger, Facebook, Facebook, Youtube, TRCB, etc, on the internet.

For example, way back in the first decade of this present 21st century, especially from 2005 onwards, this author had made full use of hotmail account and the MSN GROUP, the free open-source internet tool created by the Hotmail, to make a positive impact on the Geo-polity by offering workable solutions/ideas in the interest of the world-peace through e-mails to powerful governments, officials and mass media-houses on this planet Earth besides presenting the same on this blogger’s MSN GEOGRAPHY GROUP. 

In the process, this author pioneered the concept of using e-mail as a powerful tool of Geo-political-social changes. Later, Barack Obama successfully replicated the use of e-mail as a powerful mass communication tool in his first bid as the USA Presidential candidate…!

This author had routinely brought out the positive impact of this author’s geo-ideas by showing on ‘the GEO-IDEAS IMPACT’ PAGE of the MSN GEOGRAPHY GROUP the link between the actions initiated by policy makers and others once the Geo-ideas were made available to them. To be fair, there might have been other factors, but certainly, one could sense the direct impact of those ideas.

In doing so, this author had unwittingly and unknowingly pioneered the concept of the IMPACT JOURNALISM, too by CLEARLY linking the word ‘IMPACT’ with MASS COMMUNICATION/JOURNALISM…! 

Later, the word ‘IMPACT’ became common in use to show the impact of mass media and personalities. For example, later on, the CNN IBN Indian TV news channel took this concept further by instituting the annual awards of journalistic excellence like THE IMPACT PERSON of the year and so on…! Now, the Sparknews has moved this concept to further maturity by having successfully encouraged TOI and 21 other international media groups “…by publishing stories of hopes and change…!”

So, which is REALLY the INTERNATIONAL IMPACT JOURNALISM DAY…? THE DAY/DATE ‘THE GEO-IDEAS’ PAGE WAS CREATED ON THE MSN GEOGRAPHY GROUP…:) It is left to the readers to research and find out the date…:)

This author remembers having pioneered many other equally significant concepts on the internet like the phrase ‘LOG ONTO’ that you see in much use today was pioneered by this author. Again, the use of gender-neutral salutation like ‘SIR/MADAME’ or ‘MADAME/SIR’ was popularized by your humble blogger only…! 

The phrases  ‘Perceptual Truth’ and ‘Factual Truth’ were coined by this author only and used generously in articles posted on the MSN GROUP GEOGRAPHY. Later, others further defined and elaborated on these two phrases.

Similarly, your this common blogger only had pioneered the concept of ‘FACE VALUE’ vs a vis ‘PLACE VALUE’ with their profuse use in the author’s articles/posts on the MSN GROUP GEOGRAPHY,  to show clearly the contrast between the perceived face value and the factual real place value of any person or thing. Prior to this, the maths books used to talk about only the notion of ‘PLACE VALUE’ to indicate the actual value of the given digit and there used to be no mention of the ‘FACE VALUE’…!  Now, maths books have begun talking about the notion of the ‘FACE VALUE’,  too…!
Collins Dictionary has included many words in use on the Twitterscape. Many of these words now in Collins Dictionary were originally pioneered by this author only...! In case of doubt about this claim, just go down the timeline of the Tweets of this Twitterer...:)

This author has noticed that this author’s numerous Tweets on the Twitter and the Facebook-Updates have later on been turned into full-fledged articles by many well-known columnists and spiritual-seekers/authors of many media outlets, especially by those of a mainstream Indian English newspaper claiming to be the leading agent of changes in the TIMES spanning nearly 175 years that the Indians have been living in…:) 

 There is nothing wrong in this author claiming credit or writing about this author having pioneered so many concepts, especially when everybody around seems to be doing the same like Vineet Jain the MD of the TIMES Group recently claimed that his TOI Media Group is the only one who had originally pioneered the concept of ‘JOBS FAIR’ in India…:)

This author can go and on.But, this author does not wish to take the risk of being branded as ‘UNASHAMED SELF-HYPER’…:) 
So, you may do your own sincere honest internet research to examine and verify this humble blogger’s OMNIPOLAR-IMPACT if you wish so…:)

This brings us to an important point: In today’s well-connected internet-world, you can have a positive impact on the whole globe indirectly by making an impact on those who try to impact common readers, i.e., the mainstream mass media and the powerful policy-makers/shakers/columnists, etc…! You don’t need to feel frustrated running around the offices or trying to please the editorial teams of these influential newspapers and mass media outlets to publish your articles/columns/ideas in their print editions, paper or digital, who generally are more than less likely to even read your piece in view of their having their own 'Content Teams' and their own preconceived priorities and strange notions of suitability/eligibility of a write-up, leave alone publishing on your inspiring work or your article…!

What is going to be the likely omnipolar impact of the instant article? Well, some of you common bloggers/authors may see your inspiring works of hope or blogs/articles getting published by some of these mainstream media outlets either out of their positive inspiration and subsequent genuine deep soul-searching from this article or else as a negative fall-out in their subtle attempt to try to prove wrong the contents of this bold article. Either way, it’s a positive relief for omnipolar-impact points…:)
~ J G M J V S A J


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