The Self-Mirroring - The Key To Social Networking Sites...!

Self-mirroring is the key to people taking to the social networking sites on the web like the Facebook rather than the self-affirmation.

The concept of the self-affirmation implies the confirmation and affirmation of the prior absence or non-existence of something which is created or re-affirmed later on. For example, affirmative social actions intended to uplift the economic lot of the economic poor. In the later case, clearly the poor did not have any fruits of economic progress, earlier. Later on, these fruits of economic development are made available to them in the form of better socio-economic infra-structure like primary health centres, free schooling, subsidised housing, free ration and so on.

If we use the notion of self-affirmation, it shall mean that the self was non-existent and was produced by being on the social networking sites like the Facebook. This isn’t precisely the case.

The self is already there when the person takes to social sites like the Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Youtube, etc. This self consists of two parts: inner and outer. The inner self and the outer self. The inner self always exists in the form of the individual consciousness that is pure, clean, loving, caring, sharing, full of divine light and any other virtue that you may name.

The inner self is powerful and when awakened can help the person perform amazing wonders like clairvoyance or the ability to see and hear at great distances, do instant healing, know the past and the future, control someone else’ thoughts and actions through telepathy, etc.

In short, the inner self or consciousness is fully empowered in its state of complete rise or awakening as happens when the Kundalini gets awakened. This makes the person feel all powerful and gives the sense of being in full control of one’s own self irrespective of external environment.

Most people, most of the times are unable to witness the amazing mastery of the inner self, controlled as they are by their outer self connected more directly to and influenced by the outer world and external circumstances. The person may like to feel that she/he is very helpful, but because of real financial constraints may not be so in the factual real life. The social networking sites give full chance to the person to claim being helpful through her/his profile, without having to bother as to whether some one would cross-check it or not. In other words, they get full freedom to mirror their inner self that as we noticed earlier possesses only virtues and no vices at all…!

Each one of us likes our external self to be seen as having all the goodness associated with our inner self despite many of these being visibly not present in our external personality. When we are able to do so then we derive immense satisfaction, pleasure besides reinforcing our positive faith in our self-worth. The social networking sites precisely permit this to happen by letting the member indulge generously in the process of the Self-Mirroring as explained above.In fact, the site like the Facebook itself acts as the mirror that reflects the true inner self of the Facebook-member...!

The self-mirroring helps when done in moderation by taking you closer to your true inner self. In this sense, the social networking sites, especially those catering to specialized interests areas like spirituality, arts, science, music, etc are extremely helpful. If done in extremes, it carries the danger of the person being removed away from real factual realities of the external self in the external realm…!

~ J G M J V S A J


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