Are you being consumed incessantly by your own web of hatred? Hatred assumes numerous sinister forms. Most of the times and in most cases more often than not, it’s directed at others rather than at one’s own self.


Why does one feel hatred? Reasons vary. When someone has done something that you dislike then you start hating that person or creature. For example, once having been bitten by a dog you develop lifelong hatred for all canines. After your worst nightmare or dayhorse in trying to procure a birth certificate, ration card or some such other public utility documents in terms of you having been forced to pay a bribe to the concerned government official or inordinate delay in issuance of the same to you, you may start hating each and every government servant.

You may come to have a nauseating feeling for your boss after learning that your colleagues have been given ‘Excellent’ rating and you a mere ‘Good’ in your annual confidential reports and yearly promotional appraisals by your superior despite your having put in more efforts and your having got better results than your colleagues. Sexual insinuations and harassment at work place may cause a female to nurture strong hatred towards males.

Sometimes, some people hate others obviously for no reason other than a sadistic feeling of pleasure borne out of such hatred. Such people shall continue hating you, no matter how much good and nice you may remain be to them forever…! They are eternally likely to see you and your work as useless stuff. This type of hater may resort to perpetual leg-pulling or even intolerable skirt-pulling of others…!

You may feel hating your own self after having done something that you would have otherwise never liked to do. The hatred may even be a consequence of your own inability to control the circumstances. It’s an all together different matter that your hatred may not be justifiable all the time. Even when it’s justifiable even then it’s really not a good idea to hate.

You may ask: How can hatred towards others or my own self harm me? Simple: It disturbs your own well being. You may feel momentary pleasure and satisfaction by hating others, but in long term, it disturbs your calm of mind and peaceful thinking process. It creates psychosomatic disorders beyond repair. Symptoms like Ulcers and disease like Cancer, Asthma, etc, are its clearly visible harmful manifestations.

The hatred towards one’s own self may even lead the person to take the extreme step of committing suicide. Those who hate their own selves have been noticed spoiling their precious lives by turning alcoholics and drug-addicts.

The hatred directed at others is factually directed at your own self only, since you exist in all others as the divine consciousness or the all-pervading eternal light. When you hate others then you actually hate your own self, your own eternal pure consciousness. It makes you ignore goodness in others. That means ignoring your own goodness…!

Then, why not love others and your own self instead of hating! When you love others then you actually love your own self, your own eternal pure consciousness.

True Spiritual Masters always exhort you to forgive others precisely to ensure your own well-being only. Of course, when they ask you to forgive and forget then it means forgetting the entity called ‘the Hate.’ But, it also implies that you don’t forget one lesson: Don’t let get repeated the behavioural pattern that had caused you hatred…!

It’s not that the whole external world shall become a heaven once you practice the virtue of forgiveness. But, certainly your own world made up of your own being shall metamorphose into a blissful heavenly entity replete with eternal serenity, calm, peace and joy…!



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