Are you a victim of the syndrome called the Self-Hype?
Are you being hyped by your own self or by others? What are the different forms of theself-hyping? Does it have any beneficial effects, also? What is it after all?
I would define the Self-Hype as the hyping of or unrealistically over-stating and over-believing in the abilities or other qualities of an individual, group or organization. It includes the individual hyping one’s own self. It may also include hyping of the individual self by some other person other than one’s own self.
For example, parents are often found to be hyping certain qualities or skills of their young toddler such as her or his amazing ability to deal with gizmos like laptops and tablets, etc., by saying that their young one is a genius or prodigy. What they don’t realize is that the other kids of the same age are displaying this quality, too!
Sometimes, you find that a particular individual is hyping one’s self as happens in the bio-data submitted by job-aspirants. Most job applicants hype their educational, vocational or professional knowledge and skills. The seasoned recruiters are able to see through this hyping, zeroing on only the correct choices.
You notice hyping of the self in almost all walks of life. It’s not uncommon to see many spiritual or religious leaders busy in hyping themselves. Politicians seem to be doing the ditto. The Media is not to be far left behind in this game of hyping. In fact, media is the leader in this game.
A cursory glance at the stuff churned out by the media is enough to confirm this ongoing game of the self-hyping. One day, all good qualities of a celebrity are hyped. A few days down the line the same celebrity is curiously enough disowned by the same media. Conversely, it goes on hyping all the so-called bad attributes in an individual for years together and then suddenly again curiously enough one day it embraces the same person with wide open arms by hyping all that is good in that person…!
The self-hyping seems to have become the order of the day. To be frank, we all are doing it in varying degrees. Done within reasonable limits, it may act as a morale booster. But, that too works only for a limited period. Beyond that, it can prove harmful by making the individual, group or organization unrealistic in their approach to their own self and the external world they are interacting with.
Jiah Khan, an upcoming promising Indian actress recently sadly ended her life by committing suicide. Police believe it to be a result of her strained love relationship. But, if you probe a little deeper, it seems that she had probably allowed her own self to be victimized by the demon called the self-hype. 
 She probably unrealistically believed in the hype created by her own self that her acting talent alone was enough to land her big roles. She possibly hyped about her ability to keep her love always faithful to her. Probably, people around her hyped her acting skills. When she didn’t get roles, when she found that her love was no more loyal to her then her heart broke. It broke so badly that she found comfort though wrongly in suicide.
Let us look at the media hype. In 2004, the mainstream Indian English media newspapers like The Times of India hyped that the timing was ripe for the BJP to go in for an early election, by citing factors like a good monsoon, etc.
The BJP hyped its own self by unrealistically believing in its ‘India Shining’ campaign. Its leaders ostensibly are said to have cited their desire to attract foreign investment into India by launching the ‘India Shining’ campaign. The fact remains the BJP was clearly carried away by media hype and held an early election. It lost.
Same way, the mainstream Indian English media hyped the Information Technology Environment created by Chandrababu Naidu in Andhra Pradesh. Overpowered by the media hype, he seemed to have lost touch with the ground realities and his TDP lost the state assembly elections.
Captain Amrinder Singh in Punjab, too fell a prey to the media hype that had overstated the promotion of industrialization under his command in the state. He allowed himself to be misled by the media hype and made certain electoral blunders out of complacency. He lost the elections, also.
Years ago, Sanjay Dutt starrer ‘Rocky’ was hyped as 100% super hit in the showbiz papers and magazines prior to its release. The movie fell flat on its face proving to be a super-flop.
Just do a simple research. Go through the issues of The Times of India for the last 10-12 years. You will find the paper full of news items and columns full of venom against Narendra Modi, castigating him for his role in Post-Godhra carnage. The same paper did a U-turn in 2013 and started carrying pieces full of open praise for the same man that it had so vehemently been talking ill about. Isn’t it a curious U-turn? Should the newspaper be blamed for it? No, it’s all about hyping the self.
I remember I had sometimes back twitted on twitter something to the effect that one may dislike Narendra Modi, but his Gujarat Model of economic development is worth following. For the exact twit, you may research into my past twits.
Was my twit taken seriously by any EU members? Or was it a sheer coincidence? Coincidence or not, but curiously enough, a few days after this twit, I read about the representatives of the EU [European Commission] lining up to meet Narendra Modi in Gujarat.
More curiously enough after the representatives of the EU met Narendra Modi, The Times of India began a slew of news items and columns in praise of Narendra Modi that neatly fit into his scheme of promoting his prime ministerial ambitions. Again, media has taken to hyping about an individual. The individual is busy in hyping himself, too!
Was I hyping Narendra Modi? No. I had merely indicated that the country should not throw away certain positive traits of a leader irrespective of party lines simply because of the unfortunate display of some unwanted negative quality by her or him. In this case, I felt that Narendra Modi had done a good job on the industrialisation front and so, I had lauded Gujarat Model of economic development.
It needs a bit of more elaboration. Despite having been hyped as a villain by the media, Narendra Modi and his team had kept cool. He kept his focus on the economic development in the State. His administration assiduously kept developing industrial infrastructures and supra-structures like Ahmedabad Airport, etc.
They successfully turned West Bengal’s failure to retain Tata’s Nano car plant into a golden opportunity by attracting it to Gujarat, creating more jobs in the state. Not only this, his administration was quick enough to invite Maruti Cars to set up a plant in Gujarat if it found going tough in a labour problems’ prone state of Haryana.
But, all this doesn’t mean that I deem Gujarat to be the industrially best developed state. Other states have been doing well too! So, why hype only Gujarat as the best economic development model? It isn’t if you go by factors like the allegations of irregularities in the schemes meant for welfare of the economically poor in Gujarat, etc. Allegations have come from none other than Narendra Modi’s own brother!
I have long ago mentioned somewhere in the cyber space that Swami Vivekananda would have been proud of Narendra Modi. But, this too must not be hyped. All I meant was that Narendra Modi had successfully been using the state power to promote Indian culture. That’s it.
We aren’t living in the medieval India. Yet, let me cite the case of Raja Todarmal who was a brilliant finance minister. But, that didn’t mean he could replace Akbar and become India’s emperor. Ability to run one state does not necessarily translate into the ability to run the entire country that happens to be so full of diversities. Media has overlooked this basic fact and so is busy in hyping Narendra Modi.
From where did the team of Narendra Modi get this all time big idea of economic development? If I remember correctly, I had as a concerned citizen floated a group MBAISSP on the Orkut prior to 2009 general elections on the strength of which I was then able to reign in Narendra Modi and his team through my postings on their mother RSS Orkut page and successfully had stopped him from going ahead with demolitions of numerous temples in Gujarat.
I am a spiritual, secular and democratic person. I believe in the freedom of personal choice or Karma. No one has a right to destroy the symbols of faith of any one.
Then, the BJP seemed to be in a dilemma having lost 2004 general elections despite positioning as champions of economic development and was in a mood to swing back to religious plank. The MBAISSP Orkut page had then acted a pressure group of sort forcing all the political parties to position themselves as a pro-economic development.
This page and my posts then on the Orkut had highlighted the fact that the average Indian was least interested in anything religious from the political rulers. What the general citizen cared for was the economic comfort and solace from the ruling establishment. No wonder, Narendra Modi and his shrewd Public Relations Team did a U-turn and made the economic development their main election agenda..!
Narendra Modi still has miles to go before being able to lead India as her Prime Minister. Till then, he would do well not to be misled by the dangerous self-hype. Meanwhile, he ought to continue refining himself, overcoming his negative traits. The country deserves to be led by the best leaders irrespective of which political party they belong to…!
LK Advani has hyped, too. While praising economic development in Madhaya Pradesh and Bihar, he conveniently or unintentionally forgot to realize that the problematic areas of these two states have gone in the bags of newly formed states of Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand. I doubt whether Madhaya Pradesh and Bihar shall still appear to be economically developed if theoretically the economic development figures for Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand were added to the development kitty of these two so-called economically developed states…!
The National Congress of Sonia is busy playing the game of self-hype, too! It is busy in hyping about its achievements of its 10 years of rule at the centre, little realizing or showing the inclination to realize the enormous amount of problems facing the contemporary India as evidenced by a spate of highest level governmental-political scandals like Coalgate, 2G Spectrum, etc…!
What does it all mean to a person on the path of spirituality? It means moving away from the perceptual reality of the external self to the actual reality of the inner illuminating self…!
It simply means that the individual must hype the inner self and the associated pristine good qualities if at all one feels like hyping. The true inner self is pure, full of light, bright and radiating…!
The clean inner self becomes perceptually invisible under the dust of the harmful negative traits like greed, avarice, lust, anger, hatred, temptation, etc…!
The dust has to be removed through continuous spiritual living, positive thoughts, holy association in terms of satsangs and kirtans, Naam-japa, devotion to the supreme consciousness, community service without any expectations in return, doing your daily household and other duties with the Nishkaama Bhaava, regular Aasanas and Praannaayaamas…!
~ J G M J V S A J


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