Non-reactive you can never be, non-reaction isn't your true nature...! Even the nature's mind itself reacts to its own recreations in endless cycles of creations, by recreating life...!

React you'll every moment, reacting you are every moment.....Feeling happy, sad....One morning, you enjoy the morning walk. The very next one, you find yourself sad over a tiff with your spouse, kids and so on...!
But, your true spirituality is reflected in your reacting to all the external events with a detached mind/heart/soul, reacting in a non-adverse manner....! Or just neutrally enjoying each event, be it good or bad...! For example, reacting to a job-loss, poor marks at the exams, break-up with the spouse/girl-friend/boy-friend, scolding, depression, heavy financial losses loss in the stock-market and so on by committing suicide, taking to alcohol/drugs, spouse bashing amounts to reacting adversely to the external events. Whereas watching these with full detachment and staying calm shall mean that you have reacted in a favourable manner without harming your physical, mental or spiritual being...!

Easier said than done, but not entirely impossible....! Even Lord Budha had to undergo a lot of suffering and experiencing before attaining this detachment....! Lord Budha said, "Be your own light...!" Surely you have to be your own light as advised by Lord Budha, but then Lord Budha himself had to undergo a lot of suffering and experiencing before realizing the true gospel of one's own inner light....! The Factual Truth is Lord Budha had received blessings from numerous spiritual masters under whose guidance he tried different spiritual paths before receiving the inner soothing eternal light...!

Even when Lord Budha or the spiritually wise one [as the meaning of the word 'Budha' goes] liberally started sharing his spiritual wisdom as encapsulated in the eight-fold path, initially no more than 500 people had come forward to receive and attain the Bodhittava or the spiritual wisdom/realisation...!

The noble 8-fold path is as follows:
1. Right View [Wisdom]
2. Right Intention [Wisdom]
3. Right Speech [Ethical Conduct]
4. Right Action [Ethical Conduct]
5. Right Livelihood [Ethical Conduct]
6. Right Effort [Mental Development]
7. Right Mindfulness [Mental Development]
8. Right Concentration [Mental Development]

Hence, don't be discouraged if you don't get your own inner light quickly, don't feel bad if you still find yourself reacting to the external universe around despite yourself having been on the spiritual path for a sufficiently long period.....! Feel yourself the lucky one if you realise the inner light early.

How to become a non-reactive Budha by being one's own light? Like Lord Budha himself, you do bear patience, courage, hope...! Continue your inward spiritual journey....! Continue your daily dose of meditation...! Continue practising the Yoga...! Lord Budha's path essentially involves practising of the Yoga along with leading a moderate daily life...!

And one fine day, you will discover the most amazing mystique discovery of your own life: You have become your own light, you are no more an adversely-reacting being, instead you have transformed into a truly compassionate acting being who acts most lovingly towards one's own self and others around, one who has acted on one's own mind to successfully withdraw it inwardly and station it there permanently whilst still moving around in the external world amongst the other people...! Lo, you have transformed into the true Budha…!The day your mind becomes 100% non-reactive, you will leave your physical body and merge into the eternal blissful light of permanent Nirvana...!

This is what the Budha Purnima reminds each true spiritual seeker...!

~ J G M J V S A J


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