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Vaishno Devi is considered to be a great spiritual figure in India. She is worshipped as a goddess who can grant any boons and blessings to her devotees. Lakhs of devotees make pilgrimage every year to her holy shrine called Bhuvan located in the picturesque mountain called Trekutaa above Katra town in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India.

Many questions about Vaeeshhnno/Vaishno Daevee/Devi remain unresolved that continue to puzzle even today…! 

These puzzling questions are as follows:

1.] Vaeeshhnno Daevee had chanted which mantra/hymn in the ‘garbha zoona’ while meditating there for nine months to gain more spiritual powers so as to be able to overpower Bhairava Naatha?

2.] Lord Rama had promised to Vaeeshhnno Daevee that Lord Rama would marry Vaeeshhnno Daevee in Kaliyuga. But, Vaeeshhno Daevee submerged/disappeared into the stone statue after blessing Pandeta Shreedhara in the holy cave in the Trekutaa mountains above Katra. So, how now Lord Rama's promise/word…