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"Self-realization is a journey because just as in journey it takes some time before you realize/reach what you wanted to realize/reach...! Self-realization is not a journey, in the sense that you don't have to go any where outwards because supreme consciousness is present in your own physical being itself...! Self-realization is a path in the sense that you have to cover the path from individual consciousness to the supreme consciousness...! Self-realization is not a path in the sense that you don't have to step outside to walk on some path because supreme consciousness is very much within you...! Self-realization is an infinite-path [anant path] in the sense that the supreme consciousness is endless/infinite...! Self-realization is a finite path in the sense that you can definitely merge your individual consciousness into the supreme consciousness...!
The whole point is: Whatever you may assume the self-realization to be, your assumption must be able to mak…