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KRISHNA CONSCIOUNESS – EXPLAINED FULLYWhat do we mean by the Krshhnna or Krishna Consciousness?Supreme Consciousness [Sarv Aatmaa] is present in everything in the whole creation and indeed in the whole creation itself. Everything has a Jeev Aatmaa [individual Consciousness] and Sarv Aatmaa [Supreme Consciousness] present in itself. The Sarv Aaatmaa is the passive component and the Jeev Aatmaa is the active component in the individual being.
On reaching the level of Supreme Consciousness, the individual consciousness acquires all the properties and powers of the Supreme Consciousness. Then, the individual consciousness is able to harness the powers of Supreme Consciousness and perform even unbelievable miracles!
All the beings vary in the level of rise of their individual consciousness.
When the individual consciousness rises to the level of the Supreme Consciousness then the individual consciousness sees itself as one with and submerged completely into the Supreme consci…