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Not Higgs Particle, but 'SATYAGHANA Particle' Is SOUL/GOD particle..!

What is the structure of the basic matter from which our soul is made of? In other words, what is the structure of the ultimate finest elementary particle in this universe? SATYAGHANA - The Fundamental cubical SOUL/GOD particle has long been known to we Indians even before "the Scientists at Europe'sCERNresearch centre have found a new subatomic particle that could be the Higgs boson, the basic building block of the universe"..........!
It is well known that the Sunlight in our solar system has electromagnetic properties and consists of packets called photons. The photon is said to be massless having no electric charge and is said to not decay spontaneously in empty space.
One may feel tempted to conclude the soul to be made of the photon, since the Aatma Tattva is massless, possesses no electric charge in its final resting phase and does not decay [a soul is never born and can never be destroyed]. However, it’s not so as we will see in the later part of this b…