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The Unconditional Love – The Types

The Introduction

Now a day, one phrase is very much popular amongst the spiritual masters and seekers, i.e., the Unconditional Love. Nearly all the spiritual and religious guides are seen exhorting their followers and others to give love to all the fellow maanavas [humans], animals and other entities in the nature. Further, everyone is being advised to give such love as stated above, unconditionally.

What Is The Unconditional

When any human or non-human entity gives love to others without expecting anything in return or exchange then this love is called the Unconditional Love.

The Description

The husband may care for his wife without expecting that his wife would care for him, too! A householder may help out his neighbour by giving a financial loan to the later without expecting that the neighbour would do some act of kindness to the helping householder in lieu of this monetary help, etc.

The Types

[1] The GUL [Gross Unconditional Love]

[2] The NUL [Net Unconditional Love]


NUL = GUL – GS [Gr…