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”When you say or write something without an ill-will towards someone then you are being totally fair and impartial. When you say or write something with bad intentions towards someone even when the other person has caused you no harm then you are simply being jealous…! Don’t be jealous!
Your act of jealousy eats into your spiritual vitality. It makes deep holes into and through your innate basic goodness. It takes you away from the Supreme Consciousness into the ocean of blunders.
When you become jealous then your brain becomes tense and your inner and external peace is snatched away from you. Your mind becomes occupied with the thought of harming the other person this way or that way. You get busy wasting your time in pondering over unnecessary issues instead of using your precious time, energy, money and other resources for your spiritual well-being.
Your preoccupation with the jealousy creates numerous psychosomatic disorders which in turn may cause painful bouts of ill…