…Yes! The Kundaleenee Shakte indeed is the ‘Holy Ghost’ mentioned in the New Testament. The Holy Ghost is mentioned along with the Father [Almighty/Supreme Consciousness] and the Son [Jesus/Christ].

Read the following carefully

[1] “Patras was just saying this when the HOLY GHOST descended upon the listeners of the words…” (Sentence Number 44, page 184)

“Because they heard them speak different languages and praising the Almighty…”
(Sentence Number 46, page 184)

“On this, Patras said, “Can anyone stop the water (Holy Ghost) that they (believers gathered there) would not be Baptized/given Baptesmaa?” (Sentence Number 47, page 184)

“Then, he [Patras] instructed that they (believers gathered there) be Baptized/given Baptesmaa in the name of Jesus.” (Sentence Number 48, page 184)

“Then, I [Patras] remembered the sentence that the Lord had said to me; that Yuuhanaa had given Baaptesmaa with water, but you will receive Baaptesmaa from the Holy Ghost.” [Sentence Number 16, page 185]

[2] “Examine yourself whether you are in the Belief or not (whether you are a believer or not); Examine yourself whether you know this about yourself that, JESUS IS IN YOU?” [Sentence Number 5, page 268]

“…And also pray that you become SEDHAs.”  [Sentence Number 9, page 268]

So, hey brothers, be blissful; go on becoming SEDHAs;…” [Sentence Number 11, page 268]

{All the senetences mentioned above have been quoted from  the book ‘Nayaa Neyam (New Testament)’, Hindi – O.V., 1968 Edition, published by the Biblical Society of India A/I Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bangalore for Gideons International}

The use of the word SEDHA indicates clearly that the New Testament wishes the believers to become SEDHAs…! But, to become a SEDHS, you need have your Kunadaleenee Shkte/power awakened. This awakening is done by the BLESSED/PERFECT/TRUE MASTER with the grace of the Almighty/Supreme Consciousness/Deity…!

“JESUS IS IN YOU” can have two meanings. The Supreme Consciousness is present in each being. So, each of us is present in each other, in all other humans too, on the cosmic/energy level. So, Jesus is in each human, too, on the cosmic/energy level…!

Secondly, more importantly, the phrase “JESUS IS IN YOU” indicates the presence of the Kundaleenee Shakte. Jesus exists as the Kundaleenee Shakte in the believers…! So, you have Jesus in you as the Kundaleenee Shakte…!

‘The Holy Ghost descended upon the listeners’ means that the Kundaleenee Shakte/Power got awakened in all the believers gathered there…!

What happens to those whose Kundaleenee Power gets awakened? Well, many strange things may happen like speaking in different unknown languages, crying, laughing loudly, etc for no obvious reasons…!

The master need not preach these believers to change from bad to good, give up bad things or vices. The Awakened Kundaleenee Shakte automatically makes these believers good people, removes them away from vices, cures them of their seemingly incurable physical-mental-emotional and all other ailments…!

On one level, the Kundaleenee Shakte/Holy Ghost and Jesus are separate entities. On the other level, both are one and the same. The Almighty/Father represents the Mahaa-Kundaleenee Shakte…!

The real Baptization of a believer’s soul takes place only when the Holy Ghost descends upon the believer. In other words, the real Baptization happens only when the Believer’s Kundaleenee Shakte is awakened by the True Master as a result of the grace showered by the Almighty/Supreme Consciousness/Deity…!

The mention of the word ‘Holy’ indicates the presence of the opposite ‘Unholy’, also…! So, there does exist, ‘the Unholy Ghost’, too. In other words, when the DEVIL or the LORD OF EVIL FORCES helps awaken the Kundaleenee Shakte then it is called the descending of ‘the Unholy Ghost’ upon the person. Such a person influenced by the Devil may have amazingly miraculous powers, but shall be found doing wrong things of all sort with the help of this awakened Kundaleenee Shakte…!

~ J G M J V S A J


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