What do we mean by the Krshhnna or Krishna Consciousness?

  Supreme Consciousness [Sarv Aatmaa] is present in everything in the whole creation and indeed in the whole creation itself. Everything has a Jeev Aatmaa [individual Consciousness] and Sarv Aatmaa [Supreme Consciousness] present in itself. The Sarv Aaatmaa is the passive component and the Jeev Aatmaa is the active component in the individual being.
On reaching the level of Supreme Consciousness, the individual consciousness acquires all the properties and powers of the Supreme Consciousness. Then, the individual consciousness is able to harness the powers of Supreme Consciousness and perform even unbelievable miracles!
All the beings vary in the level of rise of their individual consciousness.
When the individual consciousness rises to the level of the Supreme Consciousness then the individual consciousness sees itself as one with and submerged completely into the Supreme consciousness. In this elevated state of blissful consciousness, the individual feels like saying, ‘Aham [I] Brhm [Supreme Consciousness] Asmee [AM]’ which means ‘I am the Supreme Consciousness.’
The individual consciousness of almost all people in this world always is not at the level of the Supreme Consciousness. Lord Krishna could not face Jaraasandh, had to flee from Mathura and settle down at Dwaraka. This seems unbelievable for a person like Krishna who as a child had performed great miracles like killing big demons.
The simple explanation is that Krishna’s individual level of consciousness was not at the level of the Supreme Consciousness when Krishna dealt with Jaraasandh…!
Each one of us has a sense of individuality and we are not as powerful as the Supreme Consciousness. Each of us feels that ‘the other people are not a part of me.’ Thus, we witness the duality in existence.
If you happen to reach the level of Supreme Consciousness, you will see yourself as being the Supreme Consciousness and in turn you will see yourself present in all things and the whole of the creation. In this state of consciousness, you will get all the powers of the Supreme Consciousness and you will see that you are present in all the people, places and things. You may feel like saying, “I am everything… I am present in all human beings....I am the Sun. I am the Moon. I am the stars... I am the elephant…I am the ant…!”
Lord Krishna was a MahaaYogaeshawara [the perfect master in Yoga]. When Krishna’s individual consciousness rose to the level of the Supreme Consciousness, Krishna naturally saw himself as the Supreme Consciousness present in all the manifestations of the Supreme Consciousness like all the Gods, Goddesses, planets, humans, Kaal, Mahaakaal, etc, and said, “Kaaloasme [I am the Kaal – the ruler/destroyer of this Trelokee].”
Lord Krishna uses the word ‘Kaaloasme’ in the verse number 32, chapter number 11 of the Gita. The word ‘Kaaloasme’ means ‘I am the KAAL [destroyer of all].’
This particular quotation of Krishna from Gita has been mentioned in the publications by several sects/guruus like Radhasoami Satsang Beas and Kabir-follower Rampal to impress wrongly upon their followers that Krishna was just Kaal and not the Par Brhm Parmaeshawara.
These detractors either could not understand the concept of the rise of the individual consciousness to the level of the Supreme Consciousness or else conveniently knowingly have given wrong spiritual information on Krishna to their followers…!
They seem to have chosen Krishna’s quotations selectively to show wrongly that Krishna does not represent the Par Brhm. They have not enlightened their followers on the spiritual text titled ‘ShremadaDaeveeBhaagawata’ which mentions clearly that Shree Krishna is the Par Brhm Parmaatmaa [Absolute/Supreme Consciousness]…!
They have conveniently ignored the two verses referred to below:
(1) Lord Krishna uses the phrase ‘Brhm Sanaatanam’ [Puurnna Brhm or Supreme Consciousness] in the verse number 31 of the chapter number 4 of the Gita. The phrase ‘Brhm Sanaatanam’ refers to Lord Krishna himself…!
(2) Lord Krishna uses the phrase ‘Ahmaevaakshhyaha Kaalo’ in the verse number 33, chapter number 10 of the Gita. The phrase ‘Ahmaevaakshhyaha Kaalo’’ means ‘I am the indestructible Kaal [destroyer of all].’ Only the SupremE Consciousness is indestructible.
In the ultimate analysis, it is clear that the Lord Krishna represents the Supreme Consciousness and any true spiritual-seeker following/loving Krishna shall ultimately merge into the Supreme Consciousness only…!
Devotees of Lord Krishna can have spiritual salvation if they understand correctly ‘the Krishna Tattva’ and take Lord Krishna as the manifestation of the Supreme Consciousness.
Supreme Consciousness manifests itself in innumerable the form of we all humans, plants, animals, etc....all forms of spiritual paths/approaches lead to the same goal/self-realization: Merger into the Supreme Being/Light....!
Supreme Consciousness/Light has manifested itself through ages as Krishna, Moses, Nanak, Budda, Mahavir, Rabia of Basari, Christ/Jesus, etc...................!

~ J G M J V S A J


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