Higgs Boson not the SOUL/GOD PARTICLE – Scientific Reasons

Higgs Boson not the SOUL/GOD PARTICLE – Scientific Reasons

Is the HIGGS BOSON the SOUL PARTICLE/GOD PARTICLE as has been made out in the media and the world of the material science?

The SOUL/GOD PARTICLE, the finest elementary particle from which the soul/individual consciousness is made of is NON-MATTER, motionless and in a perpetual state of rest. That is why it is claimed in the Indian scriptures that the PUURNNA BRHAMA or the SOUL/GOD PARTICLE is present everywhere, above you, below you, in front of you, behind you, left of you, right of you, inside you, outside you…! This FINEST PRIMARY NON-MATTER ELEMENTARY PARTICLE itself does not take part in the dynamics of the material world.
This finest SOUL PARTICLE or the GOD PARTICLE watches everything in the universe and is present in everything; yet it remains unaffected by all the activities going on in the universe! This PRIMARY SOUL PARTICLE can be imagined to be part of a big body called PARAMA PURUUSHA [in the Indian scriptures] pervading everything in this universe. It is present in all the non-living things like the moving asteroids, comets, shooting stars, the living things like you and even in your pet dog; in fact in everything in and around you…!
When a part leaves this body or gets detached from it and comes into the subtle or the gross material world [PRAKRATE] then this detached part assumes an independent identity as an individual consciousness/soul, acquires all the properties of the material world like energy, electro-magnetism, etc, and becomes active…!
The HIGGS BOSON particle that had been postulated by the material physicist Peter Higgs in 1964 and now claimed to have been confirmed by the CERN on July 4, 2012, in an attempt to explain the binding force that binds the other secondary material elementary particles together, thereby giving MASS to matter’s building blocks in this universe. 


That is to say that the SECONDARY material elementary particles wouldn’t stick together and fly away in all directions if this PRIMARY material elementary particle were not in existence!
For example, the EARTH wouldn’t be an oblate spheroid body without this basic binding force. The EARTH would readily disintegrate into SECONDARY elementary particles which in turn would fly away everywhere…! There would be no SOLAR SYASTEM with planets revolving around…! There would be no stars, no Moon, no MILKY WAY and other galaxies…! Even you yourself wouldn’t be there as a live human being capable of moving around as a single human entity as all of your limbs and body parts like hands, legs, skull, etc, would fly away from your physical human body…!

Following are the main perceptible differences between the HIGGS BOSON and the SOUL/GOD PARTICLE:

(1)  The HIGGS BOSON or the BOSON HIGGS attempts to explain the primary elementary particle of the MATTER/MATERIAL world. The SOUL PARTICLE, GOD PARTICLE or the SATYAGHANA PARTICLE explains the existence of the primary elementary particle of the NON-MATTER/SPIRITUAL world.
(2)  The HIGGS BOSON deals with the MATERIAL science. The SOUL PARTICLE, GOD PARTICLE or the SATAYAGHANA PARTICLE deals with the spiritual world.
(3)  The SOUL, GOD or the SATYAGHANA PARTICLE does not get affected or perish even after the disintegration/end of the visible gross matter entities. The HIGGS BOSON or the binding force vanishes/ends the moment the gross physical body comes to an end. For example, there is no HIGGS BOSON in existence once the dead body of a person is burnt.
(4)  Even after the SOUL/INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS leaves the gross material body the HIGGS BOSONIAN FORCE remains in existence for some time. For example, the dead body of a dog remains there in existence with all body parts intact as one single entity till such time as the dog’s dead body perishes.
(5)  The HIGGS BOSONIAN FORCE does not explain as to why the universe is going on expanding instead of collapsing back from all directions into a body of compact mass…! Hasn’t the HIGGS BOSON been claimed to be the elementary particle that binds the other elementary particles in this world? The SOUL, GOD or SATYAGHANA particle is omnipresent irrespective of whether the universe is expanding or contracting.

~ J G M J V S A J


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