Have You Ever Wondered Why......

Have you ever wondered as to why you are very much on the Earth's surface instead of zooming out in the outer space when you take a step out of your house for a morning walk on the Earth...?

As to why the Earth is rotating from west to east instead of rotating from east to west? As to why the Earth is inclined at 66.5 degrees only, to its plane of inclination and not 90 degrees or just plain zero degree?

As to why the geographical North Pole isn't in place of the geographical South Pole of the Earth? As to why the Earth's Axis is not tilted in the opposite direction instead of the present one…?




As to why all the planets and asteroids are revolving around the Sun in the present direction (a) instead of the reverse direction (b) or in the perpendicular direction to the present plane of revolution (c)…?

The material scientist shall tell you that you are still very much on the Earth’s surface because of the Earth’s gravitational force [centripetal force] and the presence of the atmospheric pressure [centrifugal force] on the Earth when you take a morning walk!

The Solar system is as it is because all the planets revolve around the Sun because of the centripetal force of the Sun balancing the centrifugal force of all of these planets!

Yet, you can see that you do have some freedom in terms of being able to walk around easily on the Earth’s surface unlike on the Lunar-surface where your weight becomes one-sixths of what it is here on the Earth. Those considered overweight here may certainly like to draw satisfaction of having low weight by hitching a ride to the Moon…!

The Earth has the freedom to rotate around on its axis.

Why do the Earth and you have this common freedom even if limited?

The answer is that each dynamic material entity in this material world has an individual consciousness of its own.

For example, you have the Chette-Shakte or the individual consciousness that enables you to control and command your own human body system.

 When you use the same Chette-Shakte to raise your spiritual consciousness then you are able to achieve spiritual salvation.

The Earth has a consciousness of its own, too. So do all the planets, stars, Suns, Moons and other dynamic entities in this material universe.
When this sum-total of all the individual consciousness leaves or gets withdrawn from these physical entities then all these become inactive and dead. Inaction is material death only. Then the universe comes to an end. The universe collapses into a compact mass.

The universe becomes live and starts expanding when the consciousness gets infused into this compact mass again.

There are innumerable universes in the endless space. While one universe is perishing [Big Bang theory says the universe starts expanding with a big bang and then contracts again], the other universe may be getting born somewhere else in this space [Steady State theory states that the universe is continuing in a steady state with no big bang kind of expansion and contraction].

Therefore, I would like to suggest the “Steady Big Bangs theory” which seems to be the correct explanation for the formation and decay of material world in this endless space. It combines both the Big Bang and the Steady State theories as explained in the last paragraph above.
~ J G M J V S A J


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