When should you give your wise advice, suggestion or counsel to the others? Should it be given without being asked for it? Or should it be given only when the other person requests you for it?
Consider following simple examples.
[1] Some of you may recall the time when you tried to help your dear ones to sell off their shares in the share market at the right time, saying, “See, this is the right time to sell your shares. Prices have gone very high. If you don’t sell now, you will not be able to get profit later, since prices shall dip very soon very soon, remain so for a long time. Your money will remain blocked and you will lose if you sell then at lower prices…!”
Chances are that you might have received replies to your unsolicited advice, like this, “You know nothing about share market. Don’t teach me.” Or “Why don’t you yourself get into the share-market and do what you want to do?” It’s a different issue that a few days later you are proved correct and your dear ones regret having ignored your timely advice!
[2] To give one more example, you say in good faith though without being asked for an opinion, to a permanently childless couple in your locality, “Why don’t you people make a Will/Deed nominating clearly as to who shall inherit your bank balance and property after death? Are you not aware of the legal problems to the nearest relatives in such cases where no Will/Deed exists?”
You are likely to become red-faced by hearing angry replies like this, “Don’t you have some other worthwhile work to do? Why are you praying for our early death? Why are you having an eye on our money? Earn your own money. You are funny. We are not going to die so soon.”
Hearing such replies may leave you sad because you never ever had wanted this couple’s money. It was simply that you had felt that you ought to give them correct advice in such matters!
[3] In another case, the parents looking for a well-settled groom for their marriageable daughter chose a boy as their daughter’s life-partner. These parents say to you, “See, this boy is having a good job in a bank…”
You ask them, “Have you visited personally and seen where this boy is employed? First, go and visit his work-place.”
You are likely to receive this response, “No, but, we are sure of the boy’s job. We don’t wish to lose this good groom by giving the wrong impression that we are spying on the boy by visiting the boy in his bank-branch. The boy’s side has told us that the boy remains in the field and so we must not visit him in his bank-office. The intermediary relatives who have suggested this match have assured us that the boy is well-employed.”
Then, you say, “The whole story told by you makes me suspect that the boy is not employed. You have been told a big lie.”
But, the girl’s visibly proud parents tell you, “You don’t tell us wrong thing.”
It’s a different story altogether that you are proved right once the girl lands into the house of the groom after her marriage!
So, don't give your wise advice/suggestion/counsel to anyone if you are not requested to give your such wise advice/suggestion/counsel because the other person's unreasonable ego may not like it and in turn the other person may simply make a fun of your such wise advice/suggestion/counsel and instead you may find yourself being lectured by the other person who is likely to ask you to look into your own life rather than giving your wise advice/suggestion/counsel to the other person...!

 ~ Jagada Guruu Maa Jagadambaa Vebhuute Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee


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