The Goddess or The God- The Parama/Paramaa Tattva’s Manifestations Only!

The Parama/Paramaa Tattva [The Absolute] manifests itself in many forms some of which are in the form of Gods/Goddesses or whatever the seeker would like to imagine it to be.

It would be wrong to say that the worshipping of the goddess/god doesn't lead to the Parama/Paramaa Tattva. In Shreemaaddaeveebhaagawata [code number 1133,Year 2009, 19th Hindi language edition, ISBN 81-293-0070-2] Daevee asks the seeker to give up in final stages the worship of her external form [in the form of a goddess] and instead concentrate on her upaadhee-shuunya [devoid of any form] divine light aspect to experience the Parama/Paramaa Tattva.

For example, she says on page number 572, ibid,”…till the time such as, one does not get the Authority/Competence [becomes fit] to do the internal worship, one must do the external worship [worship of the Divine Mother/Absolute as a Goddess]. On becoming fit for the internal worship, one must get into internal worship leaving the external worship; because my external worship merges into the GYAANA after some time. UPAADHEESHUNYAA [devoid of any designation/form, that is the ABSOLUTE light] GYAANA is the only my PARAMA [ABSOLUTE] RUUPA [EXISTENCE].”

 “So, one must put one's groundless [without having any foothold] CHETTA into my GYAANAMAYA RUUPA. The world other than this GYAANAMAYA RUUPA, is totally false. So, to stop/still the activity of life and death, concentrate on me fully focused. I am the SARVASAAKSHENNEE [observer of all] and the AATMASWAROOPENNEE [in the form of the self or the ABSOLUTE]. One must remember me with a CHETTA full of DHYAANAYOGA."

It would be better if you read the original Hindi language pages because sometimes despite all best efforts of any translator, there always is a chance of missing out on finer nuances.

As regards the real GURUU-TATTVA, I would like you to read the small booklet titled "Sachcha Guru Kaun?" in the Hindi language published by the Gita Press Gorakhpur. It costs just Indian rupees 2 only. This booklet is enough to put to rest one's doubts about as to what the real GURUU-TATTVA is..! The reading of this small booklet shall let you understand that it is not at all necessary to have a human as a GURUU. "The ABSOLUTE" is the "real" GURUU-TATTVA." The ABSOLUTE" can manifest itself in any form to guide the true/genuine spiritual seeker.

Read about this booklet by clicking on , then 'search & order’, then on 'search books', then on 'book code', fill up the code number '440', then click on the 'Start the Search’. The description says, "Craving for attaining knowledge is (the) mother of divine knowledge. Thus divine knowledge is (the) real preceptor (Guruu.) This philosophical thinking has been described in this book by Swami Ramsukhdas, at the sometime he has warned people to refrain from (the) so-called worthless teachers."

Let us be logical and practical. The author of the instant article can quote ancient Indian spiritual text 'Yogavaseshtha' in support of the premise that a HUMAN-GURUU isn't a necessity to get salvation. Now, someone else may quote from some other source trying to prove the necessity of the presence of a HUMAN-GURUU. Which of the ancient texts or the reading-materials to be believed in and which ones to be thrown out of the window?

The irrefutable factual fact is that this only means that in the past, the great enlightened souls had achieved the spiritual salvation through different approaches. Hence, it isn't necessary to have a HUMAN-GURUU." The ABSOLUTE" is the PARAMA/PARAMAA TATTVA and the GURUU-TATTVA...!

That’s why it seems that the Guruu Govenda Singh Jee, the tenth Guruu of the Sekhs had declared that henceforth the holy book ‘Shree GURUUGRNTHA SAAHEBA’ shall be the only GURUU to be followed by the followers of the Sekhism! That’s why it seems the only Allah is followed as the supreme entity and any individual Muslim can act as the Guide, Maulavee or Guuruu to lead the Muslim-gathering at the time of the Namaaza.

Actually, it becomes tricky. If you talk only in terms of your own individual experiences, people start asking you to give the proof from scriptures and also, quoting of your own individual experiences, to some critics, looks like indulging into self-praise! If you quote only the scriptures, people ask you whether you yourself have had personal experiences or not! So, the author of the instant article has talked here both in the light of the ancient Indian Spiritual texts as well as his own individual experiences. But, sorry, the author of the instant article cannot and would not like to share with anyone some of his own personal experiences in this regard.

Anyhow, the author of the instant article has no issues personally if some spiritual seeker wishes to follow some HUMAN as a GURUU. Ultimately, it's individual seeker's way of thinking, liking, inclinations, experiences, past-sansakaaras [attitudes/psychic impressions] that partly determine whether to go in for a HUMAN as a GURUU or not.


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