Is the human-Guruu really the Brhmaa, Veshhnnu and Mahaesha?


The human-teacher or the spiritual-Guruu in India is considered to be as possessing the powers of the holy trinity of Brhmaa, Veshhnnu and Mahaesha and as such accorded a very high respect. But, do the modern day spiritual-Guruus deserve being accorded such high unqualified respect? Also, these spiritual-Guruus are hailed as the one who lead the spiritual-followers to the Almighty.


(1). The Sanaatana spiritual way of life in India places considerable emphasis on the worship of the holy trinity of Brhmaa, Veshhnnu and Mahaesha who symbolize the extra-ordinary super-natural powers of the Creation, Sustenance and Destruction respectively in the cycle of the Creation.

According to the Indian mythology, Brhmaa creates the universe, then Veshhnnu sustains the balance to run the universe efficiently including reincarnating himself in terms of Avataaras several times to free the humanity from the clutches of the devils and finally, the Lord Mahaesha destroys the whole creation. Thereafter starts a period of lull after which the cycle of the Creation starts again. This process continues endlessly.

The following verse is often quoted to accord the super-natural status to any human-teacher in India:

The Verse:

“GuruuRaBrahma GuruuRaVeshhnnu GuruuRaDaevo Mahaeshwaraha I

Guruu Saakshaata Parama-Brhma Tasmaee ShreeGuruuwae Namaha II”

The meaning of the above verse is as follows: “Salutations to that Guruu who is the Creator, the Sustainer and the Destroyer and the one who is the Real Absolute [limitless, Paramaa Tattva]”

The big questions that we must ask ourselves about the modern day human-teacher or the spiritual-Guruu are:

1. Can this Guruu like Brhmaa create new things like new planets, stars and galaxy, etcetra?

2. Can this Guruu like the Lord Veshhnnu help maintain and sustain this creation or help the human population by producing millions of tonnes of food-grains to feed the vast human population by using the super-natural powers?

3. Can this Guruu move continents, planets, asteroids and like Mahaesha destroy the harmful meteors or asteroids coming near our planet Earth? Can this Guruu destroy the ailments, diseases and sufferings of the followers following this Guruu?

Well, you will find that none of our modern day spiritual-Guruus can give give answers to the above-mentioned questions in affirmative. Thus, it is fully clear that none of these spiritual-Guruus deserves to be called Brhmaa, Veshhnnu and Mahaesha!

(2).The Following verse composed by Kabeera often is quoted as a matter of routine to eulogize the human-teacher or the spiritual-Guruu :

"Guruu Govenda Douu khadae kaakae laagae paaon,

Guruu balehaaree aapnae deyo Govenda bataaya"

Let me interpret this verse by Kabeera as per the view of the traditionalists as follows:

1. Let us assume the Guruu to be the human-Guruu and Govenda to be the Absolute/Almighty.

2. Notice the words "deyo Govenda bataaya". ‘Deyo’ means ‘done’, Govenda means the ‘Almighty’, ‘Bataaya’ means ‘told/got/showed’.

3. The meaning now has to be like this: “I would bow before my human-guruu if I were to see the human-Guruu and Almighty standing before me because the human-Guruu has showed [deyo bataaya] me the Govenda.”

Now, let you be honest to your own self and ask how many human-Guruus are there around who have shown you the Almighty [in other words, have helped you have the instant Brhma-darshana/Self-realisation or meet instantly the Almighty]?

At best, such human-Guruus tend to instruct their followers to follow certain rituals or instructions only like doing the Naama- Japa, etc. leaving it to the disciple whether the disciple is able to have self-realisation or not!

Everyone seems to be quoting this verse without really understanding its spirit and the true interpretation as given here. The result is that millions of spiritual seekers are blindly following the so-called human-Guruus without getting even a glimpse of that Almighty[Govenda] despite long years of following their respective human-Guruus.



Who is the ‘GURUU’ that is being talked about in the above-mentioned two verses if it were not the human-teacher or the spiritual-Guruu?


It is the Almighty, the Absolute, the Paramaa Tattva or the Supreme-Consciousness that has been indicated by the word ‘GURUU’ in these two verses.

It has to be added here most humbly that the human-Guruu seems to b eulogized so profusely by referring to the above-explained two verses simply out of a sense of deep respect displayed by the disciple towards the human-Guruu in the sense that any true human-Guruu can create ideal conditions for the disciple’s spiritual progress, sustain these ideal conditions through various means and destroy all the impediments standing in the path of the disciple’s spiritual progress.


No, we should show no disrespect to the true, humble, noble and real humans who act as our teachers to guide us on the path of the spirituality. We always must remain humble and courteous before our true human teachers. We always must show our sincere respect and gratitude to the true human-teachers because they facilitate and guide our spiritual progress in numerous known and unknown ways.


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