Monkeys are shot dead in BJP-led Himachal Pradesh

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Monkeys are shot dead in BJP-led Himachal Pradesh


Monkeys are shot dead in BJP-led Himachal Pradesh

Today, Indian TV channels showed stories of Monkeys being shot dead in hundreds under direct orders of BJP Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Professor Prem Kumar Dhumal who was shown asking people to chose either humans or monkeys. Wrong or Right..................?

Could not the monkeys have been showed some mercy in terms of getting them shot with some kind of tranquilisers and then be relocated/deported to some remote island in the Indian Ocean like the Andamans and Nicobar islands instead of being shot dead mercilessly................?

Dec 13 (4 days ago)


you cannot dump monkeys to those islands , they can create ecological imbalance

Dec 13 (4 days ago)

Devendar Rao

not at all acceptable!

Dec 13 (4 days ago)


Can you specify what EXACTLY the reason for shooting the monkeys was?? before going your bjp bashing.

Dec 13 (4 days ago)


These monkeys have destroyed the crops of poor farmers and this has led to poor yield of crops.So the farmers have asked for the license for the guns , so that they can protect their field from these monkeys.

As a reason the order for the shoot at sight has been given to these farmers.

Dec 13 (4 days ago)


killing is not a solution

whatever the reason is behind that but shot dead to monkeys is not a solution. at least being a human this way is not show the right way of this problem. there are many places in india like jaipur and U.p. where these monkey creats lots of problem in daily life but however they will be worshiped by their local civilians. afterall monkeys are not a animal for us they are the face of god for us. jai shree hanumaan.

Dec 13 (4 days ago)

Amardeep Singh

No killing of monkeys at all and that too from BJP Govt???????

Un acceptable..................there may be other solutions as well

BJP should think over them and should stop immediately the henious act

Dec 13 (4 days ago)

ॐ pusshaan

wrong thing by bjp

Dec 13 (4 days ago)


Very unfortunate that first we have encroached the habitats of animals and now we kill them with no mercy, same is the case with neel gai who are killed by locls on daily basis in uttar pradesh.

Dec 14 (3 days ago)


Unfortunate....they should find some other solutions...better sterile them...

We are not Australians mongrels who killed 70 lakh Kangaroos...we are Aryans and must behave in the same manner...

I totally disagree with killing of innocent creatures and that too those we regard as the form of our Lord Hanuman...

Dec 14 (3 days ago)


All monkeys are not Hanumans my dear friends.

Dec 15 (2 days ago)


I condemn this inhuman move

Dec 15 (2 days ago)


inhuman act ..not a religious thing at all

Dec 15 (2 days ago)


This shouldn't be allowed. Very bad decision by the government.

Dec 15 (2 days ago)

Vineetha Menon

Are u sure the news is true? And that too from authentic sources...?

Dec 15 (2 days ago)


For your information monkeys send to other country for research work but due to oppose then in 1981 ban to send out side country . But here same BJP govt. gae order to killing . not acceptable. Other solution in UP some district use other soecies monkey called Langoor use and also catch these monkey and send them in zoo. But this type decision taken by CM may be accept by BJP head .

Dec 16 (1 day ago)


Killing monkeys is condemnable. There ought to be another solution. Tranquilizers can be used.

Dec 16 (1 day ago)



Yes, News is 100% true. Indian TV channels showed on december 13, pictures of the HP chief minister Dhumal asking people to chose either monkeys or humans and also showed pictures of monkeys being shot dead in HP......What authenticity do you need more?

Dec 17 (16 hours ago)





I guess RSS should distance itself from BJP now.. This is inhumane.. :)

1:34 pm (6 hours ago)


The news should be taken with pinch of salt. The Govt. & media persons were stripped in Radia's tape controvercy and hence they are spreading this stupid news to show BJP in bad light.

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