Well placed Indian Defence sources disclosed privately in the year 1984 that Indira Gandhi, the former Indian Prime Minister had wanted to liberate Jaffna for the Tamils. To this end, many mechanized regiments and armoured units located at Ahmednagar in Maharashtra in India had been briefed to be ready for this task. Dresses and other logistics support for this liberating Indian Force had been made ready in the early of 1984. Unfortunately, Indira Gandhi died her premature death at the hands of her own Sikh security personnel in the aftermath of the ‘Operation Blue Star’ in 1984.

With Indira Gandhi removed from the scene, the Willy Political Fox Julius Jayawardhane fooled her successor Rajiv Gandhi successfully into signing the 1987 Sri Lankan Peace Accord according to which later the Indian Peace Keeping Force was sent to Sri Lanka to protect the said Peace Accord. This changed the equation between the LTTE and the Indian Government headed by Rajiv Gandhi. The LTTE which had by then become fully capable militarily refused to accept the Peace Accord.

As a reputed TV Channel showed a former IPKF General boasting in the year 2009 immediately after V Prabhakaran was killed by the Sri Lankan troops in Jaffna, Its head V Prabhakaran was invited to the Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka whereupon he came under sniper fire [ under orders from Rajiv Gandhi himself] from Indian Defence personnel posted there. Unfortunately for Rajiv Gandhi, V Prabhakaran survived and became a staunch enemy of Rajiv Gandhi causing the later’s death in Tamilnadu when Rajiv Gandhi was out of power! This enmity probably led V Prabhakaran to decide to openly confront the IPKF.

The result was that there was bloodshed between the IPKF and the LTTE leading to the withdrawal of the IPKF from Sri Lanka. Down the years, Indian Government led by Rajiv Gandhi’s Congress became a SILENT enemy of and fully apathetic towards the LTTE and V Prabhakaran after Rajiv Gandhi’s death at the hands of the LTTE operatives. This meant also that the Congress government of India wanted V Prabhakaran to be finished off by all means and this also ensured that the UPA government of India led by Sonia’s Congress watched complacently the butchery of more than 20,000 innocent Tamils at the hands of the Sri Lankan Defence forces towards the final stages of the assault on Jaffna in the year 2009!

WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF Indira Gandhi had not been gunned down in 1984? Well, Indira Gandhi would have sent the Indian Defence forces as per the original plan and liberated Jaffna. Jaffna today would have either been part of an independent nation-State of Tamil Elam like Bangladesh or would have been assimilated in the Indian Union as a state just like Sikkim. Most importantly, Sri Lankan Tamils would have been spared the UNPARDONABLE violation of human rights by all actors involved in the fight for an independent Tamil Elam!


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