Rashtriya SawayamSevak Sangh's Positive CONTRIBUTION to India!

I will not go into whether what Sudarshan jee said of Sonia jee is Correct or not correct..........I am here to counter the claims made in an article on Sudarshan Jee by Shekhar Gupta of Indian Express ('jounalism with courage' fame) newspaper on MSN

internet site that it was due to Atal Bihari Vajpayee that the BJP thought of Coalition politics to get power in New Delhi and that the RSS would have been useless for BJP.....THIS IS A BLATANT LIE....Those days, I was in touch with a Sangh

Pracharak.........He told me that the BJP was in no mood to form the government in New Delhi in view of not having got enough number of lok sabha seats......whereupon i educated him by telling him from history how Raja Mirja Sawai Jai Singh had entered into friendly relations with Aurangjeb to keep political interests of his own state Jaipur safe and requested him to convince his BJP friends to go in for and form a coalition government in New Delhi without taking further risk of letting Sonia's

Congress get a chance to form coalition government at the centre [I told him the possibility of re-elections to parliament in case of BJP not forming coalition government]...This Sangh Prachark was TOTALLY close to Pramod Mahajan, BJP General Secretary....Pramod Mahajan was the eyes and ears of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.......Our

discussion found its way to Pramod Mahajan and consequently upto Atal.........Result was that the BJP and Atal who were not sure of seeking support from non-like minded parties, FINALLY realised the wisdom of coalition politics..........THUS, it was a

ground-level SANGH PRACHARAK of the RSS who was instrumental in getting BJP-led Coalition government installed in New Delhi.......! THUS, it was the RSS indirectly which had helped India avoid another Lok Sabha Elections, by getting the BJP-led NDA-Coalition government installed in New Delhi.............!

NOTE: I have no vested personal interests in disclosing above-mentioned facts, ONLY a

desire to set historical record straight about the RSS' +ve CONTRIBUTION to India!


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