Is the Lord Sheva/Shiv the only ABSOLUTE [true BRHMA] as is being claimed by the devout devotees of the Lord Sheva/Shiv?

[1].The Introduction:

Many spiritual-seekers think that the Lord Sheva/Shiv is the only true BRHMA [ABSOLUTE]. But, is it really true?

[2].The Discussion:

As regards the Lord Shiva being the only true BRHMA, well our experiences tell us a different story. I remember having once initiated a well-educated well-cultured bhadralok-kind professional Bengali middle-aged couple in Pune, a few years back, into the Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte Yoga.

They were seated with me and the process followed [the details of which cannot be divulged here because the FAKE SAINTS/FAKE YOGEEs around may misuse the information to fool the gullible innocent public]. Like many devout worshipper of the Lord Sheva/Shiv, the couple was fully sure of the Lord Sheva/Shiv being the only true BRHMA. During the process, they had the true glimpses of the Lord Sheva/shiv and did not wish to go beyond him. But, when they went beyond the Lord Sheva/Shiv, they found there was no Lord Sheva/Shiv!

...It was only the Swayama Brhma stage…There were no two..There was no duality of 'the perceiver' and 'the perceived'...It was just the ABSOLUTE PARAMAA TATTVA in its manifestationless form full of light! After that novel true spiritual experience, the Bengali couple changed their view about the Lord Sheva/Shiv and realised that it is just the PARAMAA TATTVA only that is the real/final ABSOLUTE TRUTH…call it by whatever name you may like to call it!

True "then is left a pure AATMA without AHMA" in the stage of the Swayama Brhma, In this state, the AATMA TATTVA is definitely without any AHMA [human unreasonable ego that is seen in this world].

I carried out a sufficient number of spiritual experiments on numerous purified spiritual-seekers to satisfy my own self, since I believe firmly that my own single experience could not have validated the truth of this phenomenon.

As I have often said, there can be no real substitute to your own individual experience as a Saadhaka. You have to experience it yourself, first.

When one says that there is no need to worship the GODDESSES/GODS after the self-realisation then it means that one can directly contemplate on the ABSOLUTE manifestationless PARAMA/PARAMAA TATTVA. It does not mean that you as a Saadhaka need give up the respect for the GODDESSES/GODS if you love respecting them.

It's just like that after having passed the Matriculation, you join a degree college for a higher degree. So, naturally you'll have to pay the attention to your present college lecturers/professors rather than to your past school teachers.

[3].The Conclusion:

Therefore, with all humility and full respect for the strongly personally-held belief by the devotees of the Lord Sheva/Shiv, I wish to conclude by saying that the true BRHMA is formless/manifestationless only! As regards carrying on discussions, one can go on debating for aeons if one has oneself not had true spiritual experiences, with neither party acceding to the correct perception. So, I would like to round off this discussion by saying that you as a spiritual-seeker go by your own experience. Don't believe in me, scriptures or anyone else if your own spiritual experience does not tally with our experiences!


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