The Thoughts Determine the Spiritual Salvation

Do the thoughts determine the spiritual salvation?

1. The Introduction:

Shaandelaya reshhe says, "the one [self] who is the all-doer, all-kaama, all-gandha, all-rasa; the one [self] who pervades the whole universe, the one [self] who is speechless and confusion-devoid/zero [without confusion], that 'self' always resides inside my heart. this 'self' is Brhma. I'll merge into this parabrhma after having left my physical body. The one [spiritual-seeker] who has such strong belief, the one [spiritual-seeker] who has no doubt in this [only this Brhma is achieved by such a spiritual-seeker]."

2. The Elaboration:

1.The word 'Brhma' here stands for 'the Supreme-Consciousness/Absolute/Parama-tatva/Paramaa-tatvaa.'
2. The spiritual-seeker who always thinks positively, who has a strong/firm belief in the self, who always thinks/contemplates/meditates-on continuously throughout the 24 hours day-night about the self as the one who is residing in one's own heart, who always thinks-of or is sure-of/certain of merging into the Brhma shall defintely merge into this very brhma Very simple: The human soul moves towards the object of desires at the time of the death of the physical human body.
A person's thoughts/emotions/sentiments/beliefs get crystallised as the final essence/psychic-impression at the time of the death just like honey bees extracting the sweet essence from the flower leaving the flower behind. Based on this final essence/extract/psychic-impression, the soul gets a particular path/trajectory to follow.
If a person whether a spiritual-seeker or non-spiritual-seeker, who has only been thinking about/perceiving [throughout one's life] the Absolute only, in everything around and is fully positively sure of merging into the Absolute shall certainly get the path that leads towards mergence into the Absolute itself and shall definitely merge into the Absolute because the only overwhelming extract/essence/psychic-impression that shall form at the time of the death of such a person is this: this person desires no other thing except the Absolute [Brhma] and so let this person merge into this person's desired object for which this person has been thinking/craving about in this person's life...and this object is the Brhma....."
Thus, it is obvious that a person's thoughts do determine a person's life, more so in the field of the true spirituality


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