The Maoist Ultra-Left leader Cherukur Rajkumar alias Azad’s treacherous killing by the Andhra Pradesh police - Is it really that SHOCKING?

“His killing is a very big shock, the greatest shock of my life.” Commented Swami Agnivesh recently on the Maoist Ultra-Left leader Cherukur Rajkumar alias Azad’s treacherous killing by the Andhra Pradesh police in all possibility with full clearance for the same by P Chidambaram, the Home Minister of India.

May be the Azad’s killing is the greatest shock for Swami Agnivesh. But, not for us who know well the dirty working-ways of the most Indian politicians and the Indian bureaucrats. Swami Agnivesh most probably became an ascetic/Swami directly without having faced the Indian politicians and bureaucrats. So, Swami Agnivesh naturally does not know their dirty tricks and minds.

But, for those of us who have had sufficient exposure to the mean and dirty games of the Indian politicians/bureaucrats, Azad’s killing is no surprise. Rather the biggest surprise for all of us is as to Why Azad had become too relaxed regarding his security in the wrong belief that the peace-talks offered by the Indian government gave these Maoists leaders protection of life from the Indian Establishment.

The policy of the majority of the dirty Indian politicians and dirty bureaucrats is simple: Try to convince your adversaries into talks and then harm/kill them on getting the chance. This is what P Chidambaram and his company are doing exactly. They are trying to bump off their adversaries by fooling them into sweet-talks first.

What I’m going to reveal now may prove to be the biggest shock than Azad’s killing to Swami Agnivesh and other human rights workers in India.

It’s good that Swami Agnivesh has not created his groups on Else, Swami Agnivesh would have found himself [Swami Agnivesh] interacting with some Indian intelligence agents [deployed by these dirty Indian politicians and dirty Indian bureaucrats] posing as Hem Chandra Pandey or the Maoist Ultra-Left leader Cherukur Rajkumar alias Azad on his orkut groups and then these innocents interactions/internet chats/conversations would have been used against Swami Agnivesh by the current Congress/UPA Indian Government/Maoist affected Indian state governments to defame Swami Agnivesh by citing these innocent internet chats/conversations as a proof that Swami Agnivesh is deeply connected with the Indian Maoists and as such Swami Agnivesh need be put behind bars!

Well, this is precisely what these dirty Indian politicians and dirty Indian bureaucrats seem to have been trying to do to me. And this involves majority of the Indian political parties.

Coming to the point: These dirty Indian politicians and dirty Indian bureaucrats have tried their level best to get me framed. SHOCKING? It isn’t!

I have my groups on I’ve come face-to-face with the above mentioned dirty game by Indian intelligence agencies. Recently, one Hem chandra Pandey had joined one of my orkut groups. Later, this profile disappeared immediately once the Ultra-Left Maoist Hem Chander Pandey was killed by the Andhra Pradesh. Similarly, on an earlier occasion, one Ranbir from Uttarakhand had joind my one orkut group. Ranbir’s profile disappeared too immediately after Ranbir was assassinated by the Uttatarakhand police cops in a fake encounter! Fortunately for me, I did not get tempted to interact with these new fake profiles!

An ordinary person may not be able to see the dirty game in the disappearing of these two profiles. But, having worked in the mean/dirty environment of the Indian bureaucracy and having faced the dirty Indian politicians’ dirty mechanisms, it leaves me with no doubt that these two above-mentioned profiles were a crude attempt by the Indian intelligence agencies to try to get me fixed/framed. WHY? Because, I as a citizen of a democratic nation-State have been too straight forward in my views on the working of the Indian bureaucrats and the Indian politicians!

So, Swami Agnivesh Jee and other Indian human rights workers, beware of the fake profiles put up by these Indian intelligence agencies deployed by the dirty Indian politicians and dirty Indian bureaucrats in an attempt to silence your voice over human rights' violations in India!

Well, I do expect these Indian intelligence agencies as usual to deny the above shocking revelations made by me!


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