The Mantras/Hymns

Can the mantras/hymns be given in any language other than the Sanskrta language?

1. The mantras/hymns can definitely be given in any language - be it the Sanskrta, Arabic, Persian, Urdu or any other language.
2. The words used do seem to have a powerful impact on the results. For example, a Maharashtrian saint [before attaining the sainthood] in his early days of spiritual quest approached the learned brahmins to initiate him into the bhakti path. The brahmin concerned was not interested in initiating him. So, this brahmin jokingly asked him to recite a word in the Marathi language which stands for the animal 'buffalo' in the English language.
Now, this innocent fellow [then not a saint] believing innocently in the brahmin, then and there sat down, closed eyes and started chanting this Marathi word for buffalo. His meditation on this word was so intense that a buffalo materialized out of nowhere then and there itself, with the brahmin who had jokingly given him this word buffalo and other brahmins present there getting scared of this mighty buffalo.
They apologized to him.This shows that a lot depends on the purity/dedication of the person, too who has been given a particular mantra to chant/meditate on.
3. It indeed is true that different alphabets/words have peculiar vibrations. However, any word of any language would become a mantra if it were chanted for a certain period. How? The word 'mantra' is made up of 2 roots = mana [mind/consciousness] + tra [filled up with] = anything which fills up your mana [mind/consciousness] so completely that you don't think/imagine of anything else other than this particular thing, in this case the mantra or the alphabet/word/s/sentences.
So, if you concentrate fully on any word from any language, this word shall become a Mantra for you. After the Continuous totally focused repetition for a certain period, generally 41-45 days, this mantra/word shall create a certain vibration and energy around you by activating your bio-electro-magnetic field [bemf]. But, this bemf has to be sustained through periodic intense chanting.
4. Now, how to verify that the mantra has become alive or notafter a certain practice? there are ingenious ways to know it, i. e, start chanting this mantra when a honey bee comes near you, the Honey Bee shall not be able to come near you and instead, it shall start drifting away from you because of the centrifugal vibrational energy being emitted by your physical body if your mantra has really become alive/activated fully...! This is precisely for this reason that the harmful entities like the ghosts/spirits aren't able to come even near the sedhas/true practitioners of certain mantras....
5. It would be useful to add here that one can similarly check one's progress as regards one's power/ability to hypnotise others. How? Just look for a few seconds with full focus/concentration at any ant climbing up the wall. The ant shall fall down from the wall with your gaze....! This should be enough to give you confidence that you are making proper progress as regards increasing your hypnotic power/ability.
6. Numerous precautions have to be taken while trying to activate a mantra because wrong/harmful entities may get attracted to you or evil forces of subtle plane may try to disrupt your mantra-saadhanaa. The protective ring has to be thrown around oneself during this mantra-saadhanaa.
This may be obtained by doing the mantra-saadhanaa in a sedhapetha/temple or in the presence of someone who has already mastered the specific mantra and knows full well how to protect you [this is a must in case of mantra-saadhanas done in a samshaana [cremation ground]/kabrestaana [cemetry/burial ground].
7. Finally, a note of caution has to be sounded. It always is safer to practise the already time-tested/tried mantras like the gaayatree mantra, etc. with the already known/proven track-record of positive results rather than trying to experiment with some new/unknown mantra with the unknown results/consequences/manifestations which may turn out to be dangerous including the death of the mantra-practitioner...!


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