The spiritual path requires the true practitioner to cleanse one’s heart and mind of all impure thoughts. Once it is achieved, the soul becomes purer and the Saadhaka or the spiritual-seeker makes faster spiritual progress. This purity of thoughts is reflected in the Saadhaka’s physical behaviour like talking/not-talking with others and so on.

There must not be a gap between thoughts and deeds. What is there in heart and mind must be reflected on one’s face. But, sometimes we Saadhakas pretend to be doing something else than what actually is going on in our hearts and minds.

In other words, our intentions are different than what we actually are behaving. This inconsistency between intention and physical behaviour creates Maanaseka [Mental] Vekaara [Illness] that actually becomes a stumbling block in the Saadhaka's spiritual progress. Such a Saadhaka does harm both to one's own self and other spiritual-seekers around.

For example, Swami Vivekananda while touring the- then Rajputana [the present day Rajasthan] came across a mahatma who did not show his ability and also did not talk about himself...! This mahatma fitted nicely into the traditionally held notion that"the one who is actually a Santa or Guru does not show his ability or talk much about himself ...but those who are nothing do just its opposite...."

This mahatma did not talk to anyone. He simply kept silent. All bhakta-mandalee around were busy requesting him to speak something. But, no, he would not budge! All Bhaktas made a bee-line to have his Darshana [Glimpse] and offered him various things like money, fruits, etc. and hailed him as atrue mahatma!

Swami Vivekananda made an attempt to talk to this so-called silent/not-speaking-about-himself mahatma. But, this mahatma did not talk to Swami Vivekananda either. Then, Swami Vivekananda made a searching probe about this mahatma and found that this mahatma was actually no mahatma.

He found that this so-called Mahatma was simply taking the spiritual-seekers for a ride by pretending to be a mahatma by keeping silent. Then, Swami Vivekananda remarked that in India it is easy to become a mahatma! How? Just say nothing...and you will be treated as the true saint/mahaatma..!

By the way, this above-quoted example also shows amply: whether one shows one's ability/ talks much about oneself or not - that is not really important in spirituality. What is more important in spirituality is - one's intentions!

If a spiritual-seeker who shows one's ability or talks much about oneself with the noble intention of helping other spiritual seekers, it does not mean that the Saadhaka is not a true Saadhaka...... Whereas not showing one's ability or not taliking much about oneself is also no guarantee of the saadhaka being a true saint/mahatma as has been shown clearly by Swami Vivekanada himself through the above-quoted example!

One more example, we all Saadhakas are talking a lot about ourselves in terms of our experiences/problems, etc and also showing our abilities by giving solutions to various problems being asked in different forums on numerous yoga websites.

Does this mean that we all are not true saadhakas? No, we all are true spiritual-seekers! We are talking about ourselves or showing our abilities because [I presume] of our noble intentions to share our yoga-knowledge with the other spiritual-seekers so that the cause of the Vedhyaa [true knowledge] and the cause of the spiritual progress for all the spiritual-seekers is realised.

Finally, I would like to add that this article has been written inter alia with the pure true noble intention of showing that let us please not generalise/oversimplify any given statement/saying/notion...everything has pros and cons. Everything has both positives and negatives...we must look into both aspects before making any conclusions about anything.


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