The Human Sadguuruu - The Only Channel to Achieve the Spiritual liberation?

(A).The Introduction:

Is the human sadguuruu the Only Channel that exists in this creation for us humans to achieve the spiritual liberation?

(B).The Discussion:

1. The Meditation indeed is passing from one consciousness stage to another. It may happen through the blessings of the some human-guuruu [called sadguuruu] who has her/his own bio-electro-magnetic field fully awakened or it can very well happen by the grace of the Parama/Paramaa Tattva itself [the Absolute supreme consciousness called variously as god/goddess or by whatever name you may prefer to call it]. Hence, it would be wrong to say or assume that the meditation-stage can be achieved only through some human-guru! For example, it is well known that the Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa, a follower of the divine mother, had achieved much of the spiritual success only through the grace of the divine mother herself and not through any human-guuruu, though he did later on have a human-guuruu!

2. However, those who say that the meditation-stage can be achieved only through some human-guuruu, are correct, too because may be such spiritual seekers themselves didn't have the experience of the meditation-stage through the grace of the Parama/Paramaa Tattva and achieved spiritual success only through/with-the-help-of some human-sadguuruu. As is said wisely in the wise ancient Indian spiritual text titled "Sankkshepta Yogavaaseshtha," all spiritual-seekers are correct in their opinions on the spirituality because all these seekers talk in the light of their own particular individual experiences which have to be true for these seekers because they themselves individually have experienced those particular experiences.”[ Source: Page Numbers 519-520, "Sankkshepta Yogavaaseshtha", 16th Hindi language edition, Year 2007, ISBN 81-293-0158-X, Code Number 574, Gita Press, Gorakhpur - 273005, India. ]

3. It would be useful to add here that it’s true that the gymnastics isn't the Yoga. Else, all those crores/millions of people doing the physical yoga led by numerous modern day Yoga-Guuruus would have by now had their Kundalenees awakened and would have had Brhama-Darshana. Whether one likes it or not, this is the blunt truth as regards the physical Yoga being taught now a day!

(C) The Conclusion:

The human sadguuruu isn’t the only channel through which we humans can communicate directly with the Almighty or the Supreme-Consciousness. The human sadguuruu is just one of the many instruments available to us for reaching the Almighty.


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