The Art of Dying

1. The Introduction:

We have so many Arts around - the Art of Making Friends, the Art of getting Success in life, the Art of Living and so on. All of these Arts do try to help us improve our personality, our outlook towards life and indeed our whole existence as a human being. Let us add one more to this interesting list of Arts - The Art of Dying.

2. What is the Art of Dying:

The Art of being able to leave the human body most peacefully in a liberating spiritual way at the time of one's own death, by the human soul may be termed the Art of Dying.

3. How it Works:
My own understanding in this regard goes like this: A yoga-practitioner who is able to retain one's breath in the Brhmaanda [Brain/skull] area of one's own physical human body comfortably for a long period of time/duration daily automatically finds it easier for the own consciousness withdrawing upwards at the time one's own death. The soul of such a Yoga-practitioner goes to higher spiritual planes or is able to merge into the supreme-consciousness and does not come to the lower spiritual planes.

4. How to Learn/Master it:

Learn it only under the guidence of some really competent Yoga-Teacher/Spiritual Master first and then only practice it daily.

Sit in the Sedhaasana, close your eyes, inhale deeply, feel the movement of the breath upwards in the skull/brain area, retain this breath in the skull/brain area for as long a duration with which you may be comfortable with, slowly exhale the breath. Repeat this cycle 9 times.

First day, you may retain the breath for 5 seconds only, next day for 10 seconds and so on. Go on increasing this duration daily with patience till you are able to hold your breath in the skull/brain area for 48 minutes comfortably.


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